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Absolutely love the job you did putting my JazzTrax radio programs onto CD’S. Now

we can listen to them on our CD player in the car....will be sending more to you this coming week.


- Peter F.


The disks were received today. Thank you VERY MUCH for a super job !! ... much appreciated.

- Ron C.



I would like to say thank you so much for your service. It was much better and faster than expected. I will definitely refer anyone seeking this service to you.

Have a great day,

- Jackie J.


We want to thank you so much for converting our daughter's funeral mass from cassette tape to cd. On the anniversary of our daughter's death we would receive comfort from our priest's words by listening to Tara's Christian Burial Mass. We have not been able to listen to this for the past 2 years because of no available cassette player. Thank you so much, your company does exceptional work preserving memories whether they be happy ones or sad ones.

Your $6.00 check for fixing the cassette tape so it could be restored on cd is in the mail. Thanks again.


- Cynthia and William C.


We are very pleased with our CD copy. Thank you so much. We will recommend your services to family and friends. Have a wonderful day.

- Cindy C.


I can not believe the EXCELLENT quality of sound you transferred from cassette to CD. This CD is a recording my my granddaughters baptism, by The Dean and Rector The Very Reverend Robert Giannini of Christ Church Episcopal Cathedral in Indianapolis, IN I is so wonderfull to hear his voice again. He has retired. I hear my granddaughter Mackenzie Ann start to faintly cry during the actual baptism with water.I hear her name spoken during the Dean's homily and at the baptism. I hear one of our priests at the cathedral proclaim the gospel. Canon Cullinane is gone also.I would had paid four times what your fees were. You will NEVER know how much these CD's enlighten my heart, and bring back very fond memories. When I heard the Dean's voice at the beginning I was simply overwhelmed and cried ! In a few days I will email you again asking how to order additional copies and if I asked you to permanently store this at your company.

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH ! I am overwhelmed with the joy of hearing this, and now, it will be permanent.

I could not be more satisfied.

All the best,

- David E.


Thank you so much for the terrific job you did for us. I will recommend you to all of my friends.

- Elaine B.


I just received my conversions to DVD and I want to thank you for great service and a very professional presentation. Some very old folks will love the old home movies!

- Vickie D.


Thank you - I absolutely love the result. Thanks so much!

- Julia L.


I received my CD's yesterday in good order.

Thank you !

I am glad we talked about you saving one copy permanently.

You never know about the future.

I am so glad I found you guy's. You will never know how much listening to this, warms my heart about my granddaughter, Mackenzie's baptism.

I wish your company all the very best !


- David E.


Received the package today. got home at 6 and i've listened to CD 1, CD 2 and now i'm on 4 (just to see where it ends!) couldn't be happier. this is part of my most played music and i've been putting off buying a new car knowing i won't find another car with cassette and CD players! anyway, once i figure it out, i'll be sending more, and hopefully will find a copy of the "lost" tracks from that cassette. thanks, James, it was a pleasure

- Cris L.



I received my two cds yesterday and just wanted to thank you for the speedy service, but also to thank you for paying the $.30 postage on the delivery of my tape to you.

I miscalculated. That was a small, but very classy thing to do!

Sorry for the mistake.

All the best,

- Dennis D.


Records and CD arrived today in excellent condition. Played CD and enjoyed it very much.

Thanks for the excellent job. Will gladly use your services n the future.


- Michael D.


Received the CDs you copied for me from cassette.

Good work...Thanks !

- Nick G.


Records and CD arrived today in great condition. Listened to CD and was very saitisfied with the product.

Will be looking forward to giving you more business in the future.

Thanks again.

- Michael B.


I meant to right this sooner. I had you convert some cassettes to Cd not too long ago and just want you to know that the quality of these was exceptionally good!!!

It's good to know that I can depend on good quality transfers in the future. Thanks!

- Mark L.


FYI.......Thank You - CD's Great ----------

- George P.


Thank you for putting my cassettes on CDs-----those were all my favorite Christmas songs. And your work is mighty fine!

- Ruth U.


Hello, I received the CDs today. The ones that I listened to are excellent. Im getting another stack ready to send you. Thank you so much for making a hearts a reality

- Gloria O.


A note to let you know that my CD's arrived safely this afternoon (October 15th) after a stop for inspection at canada customs.

I appreciate the work you did on this for me as they are memories that will be cherished by myself and siblings in the UK

You did a great job and while I have not listened to the entire tape I did have a 5 minute quick preview.

Thank again

- Ron S.


They arrived ... you did another BEAUTIFUL JOB !! THANK YOU !

Best regards ...

- Ron C.


Thanks MediaLocks,

Was very pleased with the 1st order, the music sounded great as I headed down the highway. Looking forward to the next set.

- Linda L.


Hi, I received the CDs today and the sound is great!

Thank you!

- Jeanne C.


Received the CD's yesterday and listened to them last night; I don't know how you folks do it but the 25-plus year old cassette that I sent to you sounds like new - AMAZING - and worth every penny. Thank you.

- Dave H

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