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I received my order – you guys did a great job! This afternoon I will be mailing another cassette to be converted to CD. For this one I want a jewel case with track titles... Thanks,

- Sonia V.


Good Job! I was very pleased.

- Margaret R.


Got it....good job... Regards!

- Travor S.


Just wanted you to know that I received the CD's - This was a gift for my husband & he is VERY happy! The quality is great - your price was right - I will definitely recommend you to all my friends & family.

Thx again,

- Anita T.


Received my package today and all is well. Very professional indeed!

Thank you and keep up the GREAT WORK!

- Steve B.


Received my order today. Thanks again for a job well done!

- Sonia J.


Medialocks... want to say thank you for the great job....we just finished listening to the cd's and cannot believe the clarity and tone, better than the cassette tapes... The tapes were from 35 years ago when my wife interviewed my father regarding his past growing up in his days, etc. .dad died 3 years ago, but it is like he is sitting right here talking to us....we loved him so much and want to say you made our day....we'll highly recommend your company to everyone..five stars and more....thanks again

- John K.


The CD turned out great!!! Thanks so much. Great job. Our precious family moment with our Dad, who passed away at a young age - is now preserved on CD! What a blessing!

- Lynn H.


Recieved the disc,it is very good as always...i will send off another order on july 30th.


- Rick C.


Just wanted to send a note of thanks for the service. Quality and speed of delivery of the service were great.

- Robert C.


This is a reply and a confirmation that my order has been returned and I have already enjoyed the music once again. Thank you for taken care of the order in a timly manner.

- Leslie G.


I love the CD's you made for me from my favorite tapes...FABULOUS!!!! I am an aerobic instructor of 20 years...the quality is unbelievable!!! Thank you!

- Barbara P.


My profound thanks Medialocks. I received the old tape and the CD in this afternoon's mail. I appreciate your quick work. I am pleased that it came out with all cuts. Of course, this isn't up to today's standards, but this was an oldie. I wish you could have heard these numbers at the barn dances we played at in North West Oklahoma and the Panhandle, the Texas Panhandle and Southwest Kansas. We really had those beefy German and Czech farmers and their wives stepping along. Once they grew used to the up tempo Alpine rhythm, they used to pack out the dances. Many ladies brought potluck food and it was a great time to play music. Sadly, as all things go, it didn't last forever. Old age and infirmities took their toll and many folks passed on. It was fun all the way. Thank you so much. I will treasure this CD. Sincerely, "Lucky" C. PS I will recommend your company to everyone.


Thank you. I am so pleased with my new CD. Good work!

- Susan H.


Received the CD a few days ago and am VERY pleased with how much you were able to improve the quality from that 20 year old cassette tape. Made some super looking labels to go with those and these will make super Christmas presents for family now. Thanks for helping me save that tape to CD.

- Terry B.


We received our disc and are very pleased, am going to give your site to my kids with lots of stuff! IF they will slow down long enough to take care of it.. thanks so much.

- Mary M.


Thank you, received and have throughly enjoyed listening to my husband's band disc.

- Mary A.


Received your package today...I trust you have the money order by now. A little piece of stamp tore loose and I tried my best to put it back where it should be...hope it didn't delay things. I gave your magnetic card to my computer guy....perhaps it will drum up some business for you.....

Thanks for your good service.

- Dawn K.


Thanks for delivering a good product!!!!!!

- Dan M.


I received the 3 Cds today and am very pleased. They play well in the CD player in my Toyota Prius. I also want to thank you for the third CD--you did an excellent job in alternating the two musical versions. All in all, I am glad I contacted you for this service. You went out of your way to provide me great service. Thanks again.

- LeRoy J.


I just received the CD. It's beautiful!! Listening to her play warms my heart and fills me with memories! She was a beautiful person. You and my Aunt June did great! Thanks ;o) I also have a wedding tape that I will be sending to you soon for conversion to DVD.

Thanks again and God Bless,

- Dena A.


I just want to tell you that the CD's are awesome and exceeded my every expectation. Great job.

- Walter D.


Got the CD, good job, thanks.

- Alex V.


Thank you soooooo much for the CD's and the xtra one.....i really appreciate the work you put into to. It turned out so good. I am so proud of the CD and will treasure it always. I am so thankful for the xtra one too because i forgot about my son who is handicapped...he loved his Uncle Rick and was so happy to get the CD. Thank you again for the amazing job you did. I will highly recommend you for anything else that comes to were very honest and expedited the order oh so fast and efficient.

- Rosemary O.


The CD you did for me of the Tammy Grimes cassette arrived safely and on time for the birthday bash. I played it and it sounds fine. Thank you for the service and courtesy.


- Gene G.


Received my package with the CD’s They look and sound great! Thanks for adding the CD length, that will be helpful.

- Maria H.


Thanks for the good job on the concert boots I received a while back. They sound great and not only will I use your services again, I have told others about you.

Thanks again,

- Marc C.

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