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Let me thank you for a most professional job. The CDs are highly acceptable.

Thanks again


- Frank F.


Just want to thank you for the great job and emails.

God bless,

- Krista L.




- MOE R.


Recently you did the ATM Blues for me. Very satisfied.

- George C.


I want to thank you for the great service you offer. When you had questions about what I sent for transfer, you took your time to call and verify the instructions I gave. I so appreciated that. I have now, because of your service, been able to preserve on cd memories recorded on cassettes that I could no longer use (does anyone even own a cassette player anymore?). Thank you again so much.

- Linda W, G.


Thanks for your email...Will call today with payment info! I will gladly refer you to anyone I know of that's looking to have this kind of service in the future for them! MediaLocks is a company that can be trusted to be courteous, professional as well as knowledgeable

- Jim R.


Received the cds today and have been enjoying them already. I could not let any more time go by with out saying Thank you! You did a marvelous job with these; I am so grateful as it is evident you put your heart into your work. Hopefully, you have received the second check; I have yet to get the final payment out to you; sorry it has taken so long. Thank you so very much; God bless you. 

- Linda F.


I got the new 8 CD's and really appreciate it. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Thank you,

- Kathy S.


I received my CD's and they are really great. Thank you so much.

- Gwendoline K.


Hi, Medialocks...another great job! The DVD is wonderful. Thanks!!! Now maybe we can watch the family movie without dying from boredom!

Cindy G.


Dear Medialocks, I received the CD today. The CD is just perfect. No scratches - I couldn't ask for any better. I wish you the very best in your continued work. 

God bless,

- Sr. Pauline


Great job on all the reproductions you did for me, I'm thrilled & delighted.

I'm hoping you still have the the DVD you transferred for me from VHS.

I think you said you keep them for about 4 weeks.

If so, I like to order 3 more copies.

If you have my debit card on file, please charge it to my account. Thanks.

- Mel T.


Hey medialocks, you did a fantastic job. the sound quality is great, thank you so much!

- Randy S.


Medialocks, i'm an old duffer now, but those tapes were performance tapes, as i'm sure you guessed, for our vermont marionette company, "the wildwood marionettes." i hand carved the 3' figures out of native hardwoods and we toured new england for close to 30 years. you have done a great job preserving our work. it's always great dealing with quality people who don't procrastinate. there are fewer and fewer of you out there as time goes on. a real pleasure. thank you so much!!

- Paul M.


I received my order on Friday. Great job, thank you so much.

- Susan M.


I received the CD's today. They look really nice. I have listened to the CD made from the microcassette when our daughter was in Papua, New Guinea. And I have listened to the Petri/Tate wedding CD. They are great. The CD's are going to be a nice Christmas surprise for my daughters. Thank you for your getting them done so quickly.

- Joan P.


Thank you so much for your certainly go above and beyond the call of duty. Rest assured, I will be a returning customer.

- Michelle L.


I recently had a cassette tape converted into CDs by you. You were very prompt in performing the task and a person who called me with a question was very friendly and polite. However, the bottom line was that an album by Kenny Burrell, released in 1962, was made available again for me to enjoy. I originally had it on reel-to-reel tape, which became warped and unplayable, then on cassette, which like reel-to-reel became essentially obsolete when my cassette player in my home quit working and the vehicles I owned with cassette players either stopped working too or were traded off. The Burrell album never became available on CD, because I checked frequently, and otherwise the music would have been lost to me forever.

Thank you so much. Sincerely, Merle J.


Dear Medialocks, Just received our CD's with the Christmas Wishes music. Thank you so much. They are beautiful. Can't wait until our boys come home from college and we play them on our way to Christmas at Grandma's. What a surprise it will be, as it has been several years since they have heard them and we always comment how much we miss the special Christmas music that we have listened to since they were babies. Thanks again for the great job. Many blessings to you and yours.

- Susan S.


Thank you very much for expediting the conversion of the album and cassette last week. Everything sounded great!

I sincerely appreciate your efforts and will recommend you to others.

Regards, Loren


Medialocks, we couldn't be more satisfied with you work on this conversion. The sound is so clear, the channels so separated, just wonderful.

Thank you for the good work.

- Bill B.


Thanks for converting my 1958 LP of Richard Burton reading the Love Poems of John Donne into a CD. The sound is great and the jewell boxes beautiful.

- Ed C


Keep forgetting to thank you for a wonderful Christmas. My mother

loved the tapes, and hearing my father and me together on tape was a

huge blessing. My mother is going to search for more tapes. I just

wanted to thank you. It meant a lot!

- DeAnn O.


Hello! Thank you for the wonderful service. I love the cds, they sound great! The cassettes were very sentimental to me, and I can't tell you how amazing it is to hear those voices again after all these years.

Thanks again,

- Mika R.


I just wanted to let you know that my CD's arrived. I listened to them and I am very pleased with the job you did. They were old and taped outside so there is a lot of misc. noise on them that you could not take out. What you gave me is wonderful, just hearing my Dad's voice again, I can't thank you enough.

Thank you,

- Kathy W.

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