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My package arrived today and I listened to the first CD. It sounded great. I was glad that the sound was good as I know my stepfather was in very poor health when the interviews were done, so just to have them is wonderful. Haven’t got to the second one yet. So it arrived sooner than I expected for the media mail and it was in great condition. Thank you so much for the great job. Would definitely recommend you to others. Mahalo,

- Bettina J.


AMAZING! You guys did a fantastic job of dubbing my 47-year old 45 rpm records to CD! I definitely will be sending more items for conversion to CD and/or DVD. Your services also are far more comprehensive and varied than a vendor that I've worked with in the Chicago area (sorry, Chicago vendor, it's been nice.)

- Jim P.


Your pricing structure is very reasonable, too. And, fast service with quick, secure (well-packaged) delivery! 

Thank you!

- Leslie M.


We have received the DVDs - so fun to watch and remember. My dad, Andy, turns 89 on Tuesday. I've brought them for him for his birthday.

Thanks so much,

- Sandy T.


Thank you for going the extra mile. So many businesses or people today just toss things aside without any thought at all. You’ve definitely added to my enjoyment of the weekend and life in general!

- Annalise I.


Thank you for my order, which I received today. I am so delighted with the CD of my Mom's memorial service! Realizing that the cassette I sent was not in pristine condition, I couldn't be happier with the quality of the CD. Your customer service is great and very prompt. Thank you SO MUCH!!!!

- Judy B.


I received my CD today and was very pleased. I read the enclosed letter you sent before playing the Cd, and I must tell you with what you had to work with on the cassette with song # 2, you did a great job. Like you said I do hear a little bump, but it is not that noticeable.

 Thank you for the replacement case and again thanks!

- Cheryl H.


Thank you so much. I love the work you did, good quality, I can hear the words very clearly and the music is excellent. Your card is on my fridge and I would not hesitate to send my old cassettes to you as well as recommending you to my friends. You are a five star operation. Thanks again.

- Connie L.


Good Morning ! I wanted to let you know that I received my CD's yesterday . They play just fine as I was sure they would . Thanks for a good job, and I'll look forward to sending you a new order pretty soon ! Sincerely,

- James G.


Hi James! Just wanted to let you know that I got the lp's & cd's & I couldn't be happier with the result -- there was a scary moment when itunes wouldn't let me import the cd's; but, once I modified my "preferences" so that itunes didn't automatically search for cd info, there was no problem at all. I've been indulging my nostalgia phase listening to these cd's & it's made me want to see what else I can convert -- I've already got another lp or 2 that I'll probably send off to you at some point in the future -- since these are from my own collection, I'm a little worried about how badly scratched & warped they are -- we'll see how it goes. Anyway, wanted to let you know that I am so very pleased with everything! Thank you.

- Jennifer C.


Awesome job on my CD!! I am going to send you another cassette. Just a heads up.

- Lesley V


MediaLocks--you rock!! I was really worried about a 40 year old cassette tape that I could hardly hear any longer and you made the tape come alive once again on a CD and it sounds better than when I recorded it. You are the pros and I will continue to use your sevice. Thank you again!! Joy C.


I received the CD. It is perfect. Thank you.

- Karin Z.


Thank you so much! The second tape was the same recordings as the first one but for some reason the quality is much better. I'm glad I didn't stop with just the one tape but continued your services, I am completely satisfied.

- Lesley V.


Medialocks the cd's are great!!! Thanks so much for doing such a fantastic job! I Love them! 

- Debbie B.


I received my CD's yesterday and wanted to let you know . They play just fine, and I am very pleased with your good prompt service . I'll keep you in mind ! Sincerely,

- James G.


I have to tell you I am VERY happy with my new audio CD. Thank you for such a beautiful, professional job. Love,

- Anita W.


Received in good order--good result! Thanks,

- Gary D


Hi There, Phyllis Martel here. I just received my 3 cd's you did from my records.They are just wonderful. They sound so good. thanks for your wonderful work and your promptness. Sincerely,

- Phyllis M


I would be doing both of us an injustice by not telling you how satisfied I am with your service. The three cassette tapes that I sent you to convert to CD's, are no longer in production in either cassette or CD. Before I found you on the internet, I thought I may never hear these songs again. The job was done professionally and turn around time was quick. Communication was great. I give you a Five Star rating and will recommend you to anyone needing the service.

- Terry W


Dear Medialocks,

I am so pleased with my CDs. I wanted to say thank you for providing a service that carried so much emotional impact for me. It was hard to part with the cassettes to an online company for fear I would never see them again. I could always find a boom box SOMEWHERE if I had the cassettes, right? J Mailing them was stressful.

Once I heard from you during the production process, all my fears were immediately put at rest. I even developed a feeling of calm that the cassettes were in the best of hands. Once I received the CDs and have been able to listen, I know that calm feeling was a correct one. I appreciate all your levels of professionalism in production and our communications.

- Paul J.


Thank you so very much for producing current level productions of music that is so very important to me now. The author of my cassettes was killed in a motorcycle accident in early September. Having music memories in current format that track back 20-40 years is priceless. THANK YOU again!

- Kathy C.


Dear Medialocks,

Just to let you know I received the recordings today and I'm very happy with them. Thank you. Sincerely,

- Dorie M.


Good Day, Received my order yesterday, read your note inside, the music on the cd’s sounded wonderful. You and your company did a wonderful job and am humbled by the perfection that you strive to achieve for your customer base. Thank you.

- Thomas C.


I am in receipt of the cd's and very pleased with the quality. I am especially appreciative of the care you took in shipping. Thank you. I'll be in touch regards other projects we can work on together. Best,

- Marlene D.


Great job well done! You’ve made us very happy. Thank you!

- Beverly S


I received my cd's, thanks for a great job.

- Jim C.


I just wanted to thank you for a job well done! The videos and CD are great! And your communication throughout couldn't be better! Thanks again! Regards,

- Joyce N

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