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I received the CDs you made from my cassette tape and they are PERFECT. Thank you so much – exceeded expectations, and really exceeded what I could have done myself. I will recommend your company and will most likely send more work your way.

- Denise H.


Just a note to thank you for doing such a good job on copying my cassette

tape to a CD. The sound quality is great, better than I expected!

Again, thank you for the quality of work that you did!! Keep up the good

work and we'll keep you in mind for future copies.


- Sharon F.


I wanted to thank you, James, for how you went the extra mile to assist us with placing breaks in the CD with short sermons. I know it was some trouble. It is really appreciated. Thanks again for your special attention and your kindness.

- Richard B.


I received the CD today. You did a fine job and I appreciate it. As mentioned before, when I travel to Wyoming in the summer, I intend to see if we can locate the machine these songs were done on. If so, I'm going to try to record more on tape and let you transcribe to CDs. I also intend to go through all my old cassettes and see if there are any I'd like on CD. My car has no tape capability.

Thanks again,

- Floyd H.


Hello. You just did a VHS to DVD job for me and I wanted you to know how happy I am with the results. That tape was in pretty bad shape but you cleaned it up and made it as good as new. You did better than I could have ever expected. I will be sure to tell all of my friends. Thank you.

- Kenneth R. B.


CD's arrived. Great job. more to follow. Thanks and I hope you see Jones before he was writting for Jackson and Riggilo who arranged for kenton.


- Clem P.


Package received and they are great. I am amazed at how much of our Saudi Arabian VHS tape you salvaged. That was before the war, so it is very special. I will continue to do business with you in the future (if I could just find all those slides!)

Happy Thanksgiving.

- Margaret S.


I received my order today and I am very pleased with the final product and the whole process, from start to finish. Thank you so very much for taking on such a small project that meant so much to me.


- Richard C.


The CD shipment actually arrived in Nashville on Saturday, 11/28/09, at the Sort station of USPS

at 10:48 p.m. CST. It was delivered to me this afternoon around 3:30 p.m.

After listening to the first CD, I would just like to commend you for the beautiful job you did for

me in transferring the older cassettes to CD. I could not be more pleased and certainly will

not hesitate to share them with my friends as gifts for the Christmas season.

Thank you for your assistance in not only editing, transferring and duplicating but your timely

return of the completed CD's in such good condition.

I shall highly recommend you to friends in "Music City". You could teach some of the folks

here a thing or two!!!

All best wishes,

- Jim B.


These cassettes were record where I played in a piano bar in Montrose, California back in the 70's. I have a handicapped, blind daughter that is my favorite fan, and she loves listening to my boogies from the old days, but the cassettes were wearing out, so you have really come to our rescue in providing high-quality CDs for Paige to listen to now! Many thanks for your excellent service. Your company really puts out quality recordings... I've never sounded so good!!

- Howard P.


The sound on the CD's is great, even so the records were old. Thanks for a very good job well done efficiently and with quick response. We were very happy with the results.

- Carol R.


I just wanted to let you know I received my CD's and what I have played so far has been GREAT. Thank you.

- Tim W.


Received the CD's . Thank you so much for your help. It will be such a nice memory gift for my family.

Thanks again,

- Marilyn P.


Just want to let you know the CD came today. I just played it and it sounds great.

Excellent job transferring my 25 year old cassette tape to CD. Thanks again.

- Art S.


Just arrived. Am playing one of them now. Very very pleased.

Thanks. Happy holidays.

- George G.


Thank you for the transfer job that you did for me. Needless to say, I am MORE than pleased with the outcome and quality of the finished product. This was my first time using your service I wanted to send you one project to do just to see how it would turn out but now I will definitely be sending you more of my cassettes to transfer in the near future.

- Dwight V.


Just to let you know that my wife is very happy with the results of your work. Many thanks from both of us. All the best in the New Year. Cheers!

- Keith L.


Happy holidays Medialocks,

I received the CD today and love it!!

Thank you again for all your help!

- Lynn M.


How great that I got the CDs of my Dad's record before Christmas. Thank you. We are all very pleased. What a good job.

Also, very funny that the check I sent came out exactly to the amount due when I was not given that previously.

Happy New Year! Aren't you lucky to live in beautiful Vancouver.!!!!!!

- Theo I.


I just wanted to pass along my sincere thanks for your outstanding service and excellent product. I recently sent an old cassette tape to be converted to CD format (it was a recording of an interview that I did with my grandfather about 11 years ago concerning his involvement in World War II). He passed away about a month ago, and after finding the tape while I was home for the funeral, I wanted to give copies of the interview to members of my family (especially my father) for Christmas. Despite my sending the tape to you during the busy holiday season, you had everything done and returned to me in plenty of time. The quality of the CD is excellent (thanks for taking out the two minutes of blank space I had left at the beginning!), and I would use MediaLocks again in a heartbeat.

Again, thank you for your assistance, and best wishes for a happy and prosperous new year.


- Cindy T.


Thanks, just received the new CDs-- they're great. Really appreciate your excellent service!


- Anne B.


We have received our CD's made from our cassette tapes and they are absolutely awesome! I cannot believe how well they turned out. You will surely get more business from me.


- Janet B.


Gentlemen: I just received the 4 CD conversions plus the extra CD. Thank you very much!!!.......

I want to express my sincere appreciation for these conversions so well done and recorded. The quality

is excellent. I will recommend your company for these conversions.

- Gene W.


Thank you. It's so nicely done.

- Evelyne N.


Thank you so much for doing such a great job with this tape-to-CD

conversion - I am so happy to have these family records saved! They

sound great - thanks so much again.

- Anna M.


Just played my CD. WOW!!! What a great job you guys did on my old Vinyl record. I am really impressed.. I have some cassette tapes I will be sending you soon.

Thanks again for the work you did.

- Larry M.


I had some cassettes converted to cd and I could not be happier. You did a great job and I'm very pleased. Thanks again

- Ron J. 


I just wanted to let you know I received the cd's and am very pleased with the results. Thank you.Sincerely,

- Janet S.


I really like the cd's you've made for me -- thank you -- will surely give u more business in the future.


- Dianne C

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