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YOU GUYS ROCK!!! I just got my CD, and I am so excited to have the aphasic patient samples in a format that I can now use without worry that a tape is going to break. That old tape was in it’s last leg. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Well worth the very little money you charged! I will absolutely contact you when I need anything similar in the future.

- Pam S.


I received my CDs and I am so pleased with them. You did a really great job!

- Louise C.


Thank you so much Media Locks! Now my childhood memories live on! The quality of the CD is awesome and the service is fast! You are the BEST!!

- Jennifer K.


Just a note of thanks. My dad had many hours of happiness listening to wigwam. It was such a great pleasure for me to see him so happy!

- Gail M.


I am enjoying my CDs every day. Thank you for a job well done. I shall be sending two more of my records and I am giving your address to some friends.

- Connie F.


I received the CDs that you made from my cassettes. Awesome! Awesome! What a GREAT job and so classy. The CDs look great. I am so happy that I found you on the Internet and did business with you. I don’t have an opportunity often, but I certainly will recommend you. Thanks again for the great an the speedy work!

- Dave G.


Wow! 8 days from the day you received my cassettes until I have them and the CDs back in hand. I wanted these back in time for my brother’s and sister’s Birthdays which are this month. I wasn’t sure if they will get them in time, but thanks to you they will now. You are officially in my “favorites” list and I will recommend you o friends. Great service. Quick responses to questions and superb quality.

- Linda L.


Received my CDs a couple of days ago, had just listened to Feliciano and loved it. It was the first of my home-made cassettes and included some false starts, clicking since I didn’t know about the pause button yet, low volume and a bunch of amateur mistakes but I loved the music. You amped up the volume for me so I am thoroughly enjoying having my music available in my newer car. Thanks so much for allowing me to enjoy my music again.

Thank you. Ginger C.


Package arrived in good shape yesterday. The music quality on CD is excellent! There is no record-needle noise, and you seem to have captured the complete range of audio frequencies. Great job

Thank you!

- Gordon L.


Just a note to let you know that I received your CD, and found it to be done very well. Thanks for the excellent job!

- Terry K.


I cried… Literally! We moved out here in ’80 and I haven’t heard this music since then. Awesome! This morning I got it and with the first notes I knew you had done a fabulous job! There are no words to express my appreciation. You are great! I am not sure how long I’ve had these tapes but I got them before I met my husband and that was in 74. The memories this music bring back… Thank you so much. I may stop crying in a week or so.

- Nelleva R.


The music sounds great… I have been looking for the band on the internet and just about everywhere possible. Now I can stop wasting time and start enjoying the music once again.

- Kathryn L.


I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my record-to CD you made for me. I don’t know how you got such a clear sound from what was probably very scratched up records, but my family will be very surprised when I take them for mother’s day. Thanks again for giving such a great service. Memories may be forever, but a recording is even better!

- Pat J.


I have gotten about 600 audio cassettes transferred to CD by MediaLocks and quite a few video also transferred to DVD and have had a very positive experiences with them. The quality of work is very good, things have been in order and no errors for longer sequences of work. Packaging is very good and the work is completed and shipped just when he says it is. Originals are returned in the same condition they were sent and have not lost anything in the two years I have been dealing with them. I have much more as I am restoring talks given by monks at a monastery in India that are priceless.

- Andre G.


Had to let you know what a good job you did on my CDs. We got hurricane Katrina out of our way so that I could finally listen to my CDs. I have given two out for gifts so far and everybody is very happy with them. They sound better than the cassette that I sent you.

- Hank L.


MediaLocks is one of the few places I have done business where I have felt like the company really cared about me as a customer and my needs and concerns. You have given me excellent service and an excellent product and I wish I had more work to send to you! If I ever have more work of this nature to be done, be assured you will have the business. I not only got the work done I needed, but you gave me hope that there are still businesses who care and are not just out there to make the almighty buck!

- Ronda P.


Oh My gosh, it is spectacular, awesome, terrific!! I can’t say or thank you enough for getting this done, and so quick. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future, and will refer you to friends.

- Diana F.


My new CDs are great, thanks so much. I have passed on your great service to friends and all the local places I had called. Hope you get some new customers.

- Pat F.


We want to express our thanks for the CDs. You did an excellent job considering the condition of the tapes. You have brought our memories alive again. We will recommend you to those that we know and anyone else. Thanks again for the great service and fine work you did!

- Patricia P.


I rec'd my CD. Have really enjoyed it. Thanks so much. Will be sending another one soon.

- Linda C.


Thank you. I am very happy with my CD of Catulli Carmina. I will tell the person on e-bay where I "won" the LP about your service. When I asked him, he had no idea where to refer me. Now he'll have an answer for the next person. -- - - Laura P.


Thanks for doing a great job of transferring my tapes to CD's.

- Tom T.


Just wanted to let you know that I received my CDs yesterday and wanted to tell you thank you. You did a good job and I was very satisfied. Thanks again.

- Cara M.


I got my CD’s today—I want to tell you what a wonderful job you did! I couldn’t be happier. Thanks for such excellent service. I have already spread the word to several friends who may be interested in the same service. Thanks again for a great job!!!

- Jeff B.


Just wanted to thank you very much I received my order on Monday. Sounds great, and it's really cool to see myself on a CD, with my dog to. Can't wait to get another ongoing.

- J. Bell


I just wanted to send you an email to thank you and your team for the fabulous CDs that were created from our collection of audio tapes. It is so wonderful--better than I expected and something that my children will certainly treasure throughout their lives.

Thank you being such a pleasure to work with--I am so glad that I stumbled upon your company on the Internet (yahoo search to be exact!) and hope to have more business to send your way. I look forward to telling my friends/family about your services as well. Best wishes!!

- Michelle R.

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