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Restoring Your Records.... One Groove at a Time


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ALL Record types and styles available for conversion

LP's (33rpm), 78's (78rpm) and 45's(45rpm)

We convert your records into high quality CDs or USB digital files

Simple to use, and preserves your audio forever!

EVERY Record Transfer Includes

the Following Enhancements:

  • Individual sound analysis - Every record we convert to CD/digital goes through a series of steps to enhance the overall quality if needed. The following are a few of these steps.

  • Records cleaned prior to recording - Records come to us in all types of condition. Each is cleaned according to its own need. We never use any harsh chemicals, but instead use dry sponges and high-pressure air to blow the grooves clean and free them of debris. With 78 records EXTREME care is taken. Often times they are made up of micro-thin layers of vinyl attached to a metal disc which can flake off. This is why each and every record receives whatever type of personalized cleaning it needs.

  • 24 band equalizer frequency adjustments - Over the years EVERY time a record is played, those little tiny vinyl micro-grooves slowly wear down. Even using the best player, stylus and needles, it is the nature of records to slowly wear out and lose their clarity every time they are played. We have equipment that can almost always improve and restore much of the original sound. This is done with our 24 band graphic Equalizers. If needed, we can adjust audio frequency levels, such as high-end, mid-range, and bass. These initial modifications can truly enhance the audio almost immediately. Even small adjustments can add clarity to audio that sounds "dull" or "worn". If music sounds too high-pitched or "tinny", EQ adjustments can at times smooth out those rough edges. If your record already sounds great... no adjustments will be made.

  • Left and right channel balancing - Most records play evenly and properly balanced already, and need no adjustment. However, you'd be surprised how many records we do come across (even commercially produced) that are not evenly balanced between the left and right channels. If one side is significantly louder than the other, we will individually adjust each channel to an overall even balance. With stereo recordings, the original stereo sound is always retained and not adjusted.

  • Volume level optimization - Small adjustments may be necessary to bring the record's overall volume to an optimal level, this will allow it to sound properly in any CD player (or as a digital file). Every original recording studio back in the day was different. While most records' volume levels are fine as is, at times we need to "bump" up the levels just a bit, to give older audio recordings a more dynamic sound! Our goal is to always enhance the sound if needed on the final CD/file.

  • Silence added between tracks - Between each song on your record, we silence out the blank spaces. This is a custom touch we add, as a further special improvement. If any song fades out, we ensure that intended effect is retained. No automation is used here, this is all done by hand like fine art.

  • Included Track Separations - While this is an additional option on cassette tapes, it is always included with records. Track Separations give you the ability to skip around between each individual song on the final CD, or select any song on a USB drive if ordered. With 78's and 45's, each side is created as its own separate track/file.
    Note: Track Separations are not added to live/continuous audio. Instead one track per each record's side will be created.

  • Recorded stereo sound retained - If your record has been recorded in stereo, the audio will be preserved and transferred exactly as originally recorded. If recorded in mono, that format will also be preserved.

  • Multiple record volume leveling - Rarely are 2 records ever recorded at the same volume level. When you send us more than one record, we will make slight adjustments up or down across all of the audio, so you will have a nice consistent volume across all your new CDs/digital files. There will never be a need to adjust your volume level up or down (a great included feature with multiple records in the same order).

  • Crackles and pops reduced - As a statement of common sense, the better condition the original record... the better the final CD/file has a chance to be. After all files have been created, there is one more step of possible enhancement. We call this the "De-Popper". This is a specialized software program that can eliminate or significantly reduce the many crackles and pops that are so inherent with records. All completed files are ran through this special software. If your record is in very poor condition, the de-popper will have a great effect. If your record is in pristine condition, the software will have little to no effect. This is just another application to improve your final audio and listening experience.

  • Custom title printed onto CD - (CD orders) - With LP's (33rpm), we print the record's artist and main title directly onto the CD's surface. If a 78 or 45, you can select any main title you would like.

  • Included hard plastic CD case - (CD orders) - Your CDs come in a hard plastic slim case for protection. This CD case also includes four tabs in the front cover, to add an insert if you'd like.

  • Final audio 100% tested and verified - Before we package up your CDs or USB drive, we always verify all is working properly. Just a final quality check to ensure your order has been completed properly.

CD's or Digital Files on USB... what is the difference... which should I choose?


These are the same industry standard CDs that have been around since the 80's...

They will play in any CD player, computer, automobile, portable device and more.

LP's - $49.95 each
(includes both sides and individual track separations)

This is the most common type of record (also known as 33 1/3 rpm)
Originally produced in June of 1948, they are still in production today,

78's - $20.00 per each side
(minimum 2 side charge)

45's - $10.00 per each side
(minimum 4 side charge)

Most popular in the 1940's and 1950's (78 rpm)
One of the first types of records ever produced 1898 to 1959.
First produced in 1949 and into the 1980's (45 rpm)
Eventually replaced in popularity by cassette tapes and CDs

(In addition to the enhancements every record receives)

The following additional options are also available...

  • Duplicate CDs - This is an addition to your first original CD. Duplicate CDs are always identical in quality to the your first original CD since they are made from the exact same file.

  • Custom Photo Added - For LPs, most customers simply choose to have the front jacket cover duplicated, formatted and put into the front of the case. You may also have the rear jacket photo added as well. For 78s and 45s, you can choose any photo you'd like to be added to the front of the case. Any photo can be emailed to us, or actual photograph sent with your order.

  • Jewel Case Upgrade - With this upgrade we type out the song names, and create an insert for the back of the case. For LPs, the record's main title is listed on the front of the case and spines... song listings are created as an insert for the rear of case.
       If a Custom Photo is being added (from previous option), the front of the Jewel Case will include that photo instead of plain text.
        For 78s and 45s, we can create an insert from any custom track list, or record's information that you provide. Sometimes for 78s, it is nice to add a little "commentary" to a case as information... not necessarily song names.

  • Master MP3 CD - Includes one MP3 CD that will contain all of the audio files from every record in your order. MP3 files are a much smaller-sized digital file that are great to load into smart phones, tablets, and other devices. Being smaller in nature, they are also great to post audio online!
     Note: the MP3 CD option is in addition to your standard CD order.

  • Add a USB Flash Drive - This is a GREAT choice to have your audio safely and permanently backed-up in a digital format on a USB drive. You can choose .mp3 files, .avi files or both.
     .avi files are not only perfect for permanent storage, but also work great for any future editing (a very common, industry standard file).
    .mp3 files are the choice to use with smart phones, tablets, and other portable devices, as well as online and permanent storage

  • Permanent Archive Storage - With this option, we will keep an extra copy of your CDs permanently in our studio. This service has 2 distinct benefits:
      (1) You will always have your audio backed up in a 2nd location with us.
      (2) If you ever need extra CDs made, no need to send a CD back to us for duplication... just email or call us, and we will send more out to you. We also store the labeling information!
      Note: Any CD(s) stored with us always belongs to you. If you ever want them back, simply pay for return shipping.

Digital Files on USB

Instead of creating individual CDs, we create MP3 digital files onto a USB drive.

Perfect for loading into computers, smart phones, tablets, and other devices.


You can also add digital files to a CD order, with an optional MP3 CD or usb drive!

($25.00 for one initial USB Drive)

LP's - $49.95 each
(includes both sides and individual track separations)

78's - $20.00 per each side
(minimum 2 side charge)

45's - $10.00 per each side
(minimum 4 side charge)

  • One USB drive will hold up to 30 Records or more... a one time cost per order.

  • MP3 files are created from your records and placed directly onto a USB drive.

  • Digital file name same as record's main title.

  • With multiple records or sides, easy to locate each individual record or track.

  • USB means easy transfer of files to computers.

  • MP3 files are great to load into smart phones, tablets, and other devices.

  • Digital files perfect for online use.

Payment Options

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Personal Check.jpg

      We gladly accept personal checks and money orders, or cash if paying in person.
If you know your exact total, please feel free to send payment with your order. If unsure, we will be happy to give you an exact cost by contacting us.
   Though for years we have accepted all Credit/Debit cards, we no longer process these type of merchant payments, due to their high cost charging us close to a 5% transaction fee (sorry for any inconvenience).
   These credit/debit card companies happily advertise various rebate programs, airline miles, and cash back incentives, but fail to disclose they will charge their merchant processors more than double that amount for allowing this payment option. Companies usually raise costs to compensate. We have decided to stop paying their fees.
   Sincerely, James Leslie (Medialocks-Owner)

Ready to Order?
You can print out our paper order form, submit an online order form,
or simply include a note with your records, including contact and order information.

online order form

(no printer required)

Each is a guided step-by-step form, which will walk you through each available option, as well as the price for each option.

If you are ordering both standard CDs AND digital files... choose the "CD Order Form".

Complete and Submit this online form for CD orders

Complete and Submit this online form for USB orders

We will match up your online order form with your package when it arrives

Printable Order Form

Print, fill out, and send this form with your records

(This printable form is for both CDs and Digital USB orders)


  You may also instead of using our online order form or printable form, type out or hand-write your order information on paper, and include with your records. This information should include: Name, address, phone number, email (if available), and how many CDs needed (or digital drive). Plus any other information you would like to add.

Mail Your Records to...
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22 years proud U.S.A. Company


2127 Rice Road

Chehalis, WA 98532


Serving all 50 states and U.S. Territories

Questions? / Contact Us

What Our Customers are Saying

Package arrived in good shape yesterday. The music quality on CD is excellent! There is no record-needle noise, and you seem to have captured the complete range of audio frequencies. Great job Thank you!

- Gordon L.

Thanks for converting my 1958 LP of Richard Burton reading the Love Poems of John Donne into a CD. The sound is great and the jewel boxes beautiful.

- Ed C

I just want to say THANK YOU!! I have had these personal albums for 40 years and have been unable to listen to them for at least 20 years! What a wonderful trip down memory lane, and it was because of the service you so professionally provided for me! I am forever in your debt!
- Wendy J. M.


Just wanted to get back to you to tell you what a great job you did with the 2 old dixieland lp's I sent you. They are now preserved "forever" and my friends and I are enjoying listening to the group once again. You really eliminated 99% of the scratches and other debris. I plan to send some more things to you in the future. Thanks again.

- Ron B.

Great job on the old 78' set will be a birthday present for my older sister who could be heard on the 1947 disc, along with my grandfather, Dad and Mom
thanks again
- Jim L


 Received the CD today in excellent condition. Thank you for making this happen. The CD is recorded better than I anticipated, it sounds wonderful even for a monaural recording. Great job on the cover artwork also. I will definitely use your service again real soon… Well done.
- Mike E.


I received two CDs and my cassette tapes this afternoon. The CDs are wonderful! I appreciate so much for your hard work because you had spent more time on my cassette tapes.

About 5 years ago, you made 12 CDs from cassette tapes for me, all the CDs are my treasure, I love them so....much!

Take care and thanks again,

- Lucia W : )


Thank you for your prompt and professional service on my cassette-CD order. We enjoyed listening to my daughters when they were little. It brought back may happy memories for us and embarrassing ones for my daughters. lol

I wish you all the best and hope you make it out to see your daughter in Ohio. I am bringing one of the CD's on my trip to Dayton next week to see my daughter.

Thanks again.......glad I found you!

- Frank F


Just a note to say the parcel arrived and everything is, of course, fab.  As always, thanks very much. 

- Brian B.


Just received my DVD. I'm more than happy. You did a terrific

job. Very professional from start to finish.

Thank you so much,

- Robert L.


Thanks for the great job you did on my tape to DVD!  They look fantastic and love all you did with them.

So with that, I see you do Hi-8 conversions, can you also do Super 8?

I have to take apart the basement but I know there are bunch of Super (and so Hi) 8 tapes.  I figured I would confirm before starting the digging!

- Michael S


Listened to the CD MediaLocks just sent and the sound is wonderful.  Wondered how you knew to separate the Brahms Requiem into 7 separate tracks since I only gave you the total length of the piece.  Don't expect the ones without DAT tape to sound as great but should be an improvement.

Anyway, thanks.

- David D.


Received the box of CDs you converted for me from cassette tapes.  Absolutely wonderful!!  Loved listening to my dad’s voice singing especially.  Do you still have “masters” or whatever you call them that you could make me 3 CD copies of?  I would love to have 3 more of the CD’s of” Bob Reid/Jim Reid 1986 Singing” sent to me.  Is this possible without me having to return the CD to you to copy?

 If so, please let me know the price and I can re-give you my charge card info in case you don’t still have it.

 Thank you in advance.  Fingers crossed!

- Natalie, A.


Thanks for the quick turnaround of the audio transfers and for the extra work you did to make my cassettes to cd's even better than I had hoped.


- Stephanie P


Thank you so much for your extra time and effort you took for my CD. I really appreciate it. Thank you! Thank you!

- Enith B.


I received my CD today! Thanks so much.

- Patti U.


Thank you Medialocks.  The CDs sound better than expected and my family is very happy!!

- Tammy T.


I have received my order and the CDs are perfect! Thank you so much for your timely and courteous response to my order. Your work has preserved my family's recordings from 1965 and 1982 for our future generations. I appreciate that you found I had sent a duplicate CD and saved me money by not making a duplicate copy. You completed my order and I received it back within 11 days of mailing it. Your service is extraordinary. Thank you so much! I would love to leave feedback and recommendations for you somewhere. Please let me know where it may help your business most. Feel free to use my comments on your website!

- Barbara P.


I received the CD you made from my cassette.  I played it and it was wonderful.  It was just a goofy tape from my brother-in-law from the Navy in 1970 but it has much sentimental value.  Thank you for your helping with this gift for him.

 You have just gained a new customer.  I will definitely be telling my friends about your business.  And I will have other projects for you in the future.

 Thank you and have a wonderful holiday season.

- Janet S


We received the Wedding Tape yesterday and for a tape that was recorded before great technological advances that enhanced recording activities, it turned out great. We recovered the tape that had been placed in storage and in our garage loft for more than 15 years and I know that the tape was subject to heat and cold over that time. After we found the tape, my wife wanted to play it, but I figured that we should not run the risk and see about getting it to a CD. I am so glad we did!

   Yes, there are some things in the recovered CD that are too loud or too hard to hear…but we were able to listen to and relive that Day that will live in Infamy for as long as we live. The fact that you recognized the issues right away, notified us of what can be done to make it better, and then do it and get it to us before the anniversary party was superb. We appreciated your quick service and expertise. I am sure your work will be appreciated again by our anniversary celebrants, and of course, us. I think I may have a few other things that we may be sending you in the future because of the way you handle your business.


- Howard & Cheryl S.


Thank you, Thank you so much for your reply & answer to my question.  As an older - much older adult - I have a difficult time with technical "doings"   You are the first to help me online or otherwise.   I will be placing an order very soon.

- Lucy T.


Thank you indeed very, very much for this work you folks have done for me. Received late this afternoon, had to attend a meeting and couldn't wait to get back home to find out how it sounded. It is magnificent! You need to give yourselves a medal! The tone was superior, far better than the original when I could still access it. And no background noise, static, or whoosh. I couldn't be happier and now can listen to it over and over whenever I wish. And no, you did not need to make me an extra copy, but you have blessed me with it and so what can one say but, again, my deepest, grateful thanks. If I ever hear of anyone wishing for this service, you may be sure I will recommend you with exuberance....

- Maribel T.


I received the CDs this afternoon. Thank you very much for your hard work!

Chinese New Year is coming, wish you and your family "All the Best" in the coming year of "dog".

- Lucia W.


Got that great stuff you do, have checked out some of one of them great as always. Will be sending you another order out hopefully tomorrow , and again thank you for the cool work you do on them.

- Phil J.


Maribel here thanking you ever so much for this magnificent work you did for me in copying the Jewish Priest blessing. I am enjoying it immensely and cannot imagine how you managed to achieve this so skillfully and so well.

My grateful thanks to you.

- Maribel T.


Just wanted to take time and thank you so much for the cassette and cd’s.

My husband and sons were so thrilled and in awe since that cassette is over 25 years old.

I was so emotional listening to it again.

Thank you again you have touched my families heart and bought back so

many memories.

- Thank you, JANIE S


Great job on the old 78' set will be a birthday present for my older sister who could be heard on the 1947 disc, along with my grandfather, Dad and Mom

thanks again

- Jim L


Thanks for getting the cds done. My mom is now enjoying them!

- Melisa B


Thanks for recovering my band's music. Lots of memories from 46 years ago! You work miracles.

- Dave S.


Gentlemen : I just wanted you to know that I have received my CD's , and they play wonderfully . If I decide I need any more tapes to CD transfers, I'll certainly be back in touch with you !

Your Satisfied Customer,

- James A. G


Thanks, MediaLocks for the CD.  It arrived today along with the record.  We appreciate your good work.  Nice to have it so we can hear it.  Thank you very much.

 - Iliamna W

Those CDs arrived Friday and I flew over to Montana with them on Saturday and handed them out at the gathering for my old high school friends. The entire string instrument community of Missoula was there and the CDs were a huge hit.

Really appreciate your help on this project. Nice to have those old tapes in a more contemporary medium.

Thank you very much,

- Dave S.


Had to tell you what a great job you did on converting my 30 plus year old tape to CD.  Those tapes were of me playing the piano as a kid and are treasured by the family, but no one could listen to them since no one still had a tape player.  We are now enjoying them again - and they inspired me to start playing again!!  The sound quality was much better than expected - THANK YOU!!

- Dawn P.

ps - i'll be sending VHS tapes to be converted soon!!


Morning Medialocks, wanted to thank you for the great job you did on my records to CD. I will get the rest to you as soon as I can maybe in a few months or so I need to figure out the sides and cost again.

Anyway thank you so much,

- Shannon M.


Hi, wanted to let you know I received my 45s and cds, thank you so much!! Great job, I have some LPS I need done, but it will be a while, I will keep in touch, enjoy your week and thanks again,

- Gail M.


Hi James, I received my new CD's and like every time before, I am completely satisfied with them . Great service !! Sincerely,

- James  G


Right now making individual safety copies.

Very very pleased, Thanks

- Phil S.


You made my torn up ancient cassette tapes sound like a releasable commercial CD.

I’ll continue to praise your company on my Facebook .

- Eileen P.


I got the cassettes and 6 cd's in the mail today. They play perfectly.I have another one I'm going to send as soon as I can. It may be later next week before I get the jpg photo and am able to mail you the cassette.

Thanks again for such a quick turn around and for such a perfect reproduction of these almost 40 year old cassettes. It amazes me that these things have held up so well. Yay for that.

Take care,

- Teresa P.


Hello! I just received and listened to the CD you made for me. Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!! I am more than thrilled. Thank you so very much.

I have 2 CD's and now that I know for sure what was on the original cassette tape, is it possible to order 2 more?

I think I read that you keep the files for 4-6  weeks. Please advise. Thank you for you time and assistance, Sincerely

- Linda P


The additional CD's have arrived and I just wanted to thank you so very much.

Blessings to you,

- Jeanine L.


Thanks so much for all your help in transferring these cassettes to digital format. I know it means a lot to their family members to hear these men speaking. Willa wrote me and said she listed to the cd and went to bed that night "hoping to have sweet dreams." awwww

I will be sending you some more in the near future.

Thanks again,

- Teresa P


Got the CDs. They are great!! Very good quality. Amazing, actually.

Thank you!!

- Jacob Y.


In reality, I was stunned. I sent a broken tape to you that was almost 44 years old, and a week or so later I received a package with a repaired tape, and 2 CDs with clear, edited, perfect "2 year old voices" of my now middle aged son's. The tape was one of the ways I communicated from CA to my mom in PA in 1975. I rattled on and on about things that now seem painfully inconsequential, and wondered how satisfactory it would be to have a CD that I would need to hunt to find the parts I treasured. You did that for me. Thank you for this wonderful is such a profound treasure to me! And when James called one day to clarify a detail, I was incredulous! In an era when everything is so impersonal with little regard for the customer, that personal touch was impressive. Keep up the good work! Satisfied customers like me are your best advertisement!

Thank you, again.

- Beth B


Played my recent CD order this past weekend. Another fantastic job. Thank you

- John M

Received my CDs and they are great. While camping in Pismo Beach over the Veterans Day holiday, my family listened to all 3 and enjoyed them! Happy memories.

Thank you for the attention you gave to our memories.

- Linda P


Just wanting you to know how superfragilistically wonderful my new discs are.  I now also have them on my iPhone and have listened non stop.  Thank you so very, very much for beautiful music that I was missing.

- Nancy M.


Dear James,

I received the CD'S on family history and am so pleased at the results.  Thank you so much! I really appreciate your willingness to help me and the fine work on the CD'S.  I will definitely refer my friends to your service.

Thank you again.

- Phyllis B.


I received the CDs (and returned tapes) today. Highly impressed with everything: the professional labeling of the CDs, superb audio quality (seems you minimized hiss noise from the tapes/otherwise improved audio over the original), great communication and website, secure packaging and prompt service. Regards,

- Jeff


Hi James:

We're now enjoying "Stop, Look, and Listen"   thanks to your ingenuity and expertise.  We greatly appreciate what you have done, and for the extra CD.  

We would encourage others, if they are looking to preserve old memorabilia, look no further. They are timely, congenial, professional and genuine, qualities not often found in today's world. We will be definitely be using their service again.

Thanks so much

- Mary K


Just want to tell you that I am very impressed with what you did converting my 1987 Hooked on Swing "tape of a tape" to CD. I'll be sending in more shortly. Thanks so much. Great job.

- Barbara S.


Thank you for a wonderful and professional final set of CDs. You far exceeded what I had expected. I will contract you when I have other projects in the future! –

- Jarome


The music came out excellent from what I have played so far. will spread the word and consider further order at a later time.

- Gary D.


I received my order today in great condition. The CDs are perfect. Thanks so much.

- Pauline H.


I just can’t tell you how impressed I am with your business. Makes me wish I hadn’t taken so long to get this started. From beginning to end you guys have been wonderful. The CDs sound great. I had a couple of CDs copied before and it was such a bad experience… Your professionalism from beginning to end… in your website, copying, packaging and delivery of the goods has been so impressive. And your customer service is above and beyond. The businesses today with your kind of quality are very few, unfortunately. Thank you again, this is one very satisfied customer.

- Rosa W.


My CD’s arrived today. I am so pleased. As a teacher, I wanted to convert all of my old tapes. The children will be thrilled to use these with my new CD players. Thanks so much.

- Shirlee R.

Received the disc yesterday… and immediately listened to it. I’m so happy to have this as it was a conversation with my father-in-law from several years back. His health now prohibits such a conversation and I know my family will be so delighted to have this memory.

- Richard R.


Thank you for the wonderful job you did converting my records to CDs. The sound is marvelous, and your service was great. I am happy to recommend you!

- Elizabeth T.


Yesterday I received, and listened to all of this order – and it’s perfect. I mailed you another 2 cassettes…

- Rob b.


Awesome, awesome, awesome job!!! I got the CDs today! I am putting your business magnet on the fridge so I can use your services again!

Thank you,

- Cari B.


Thank you for the wonderful job you do in preserving our memories… I have already had about 6 different tapes put on CDs and love them all… thanks again for a great job.

- Rose M.


I received the package in the mail yesterday. Thank you very much for the prompt return. Also, I’d like to thank your company for providing this service for my family and me. It certainly was worth every penny that I spent on transferring the records and the one VHS tape. Listening to the CDs has brought back so many old memories for me, that words can not describe. So I would just like to say thank you for doing a wonderful job on this restoration.

- Arthur S.


I just received the package in good condition and I am happy with your work.

- Hermann S.


I received the CDs yesterday afternoon and am, again, very pleased with the results. I have a few more tapes that I am planning to convert and will be sending those along shortly.

- Mary C.


Just got it and I must say, the quality of the sound is awesome!

- Victor


Thanks again, I am enjoying the CDs… Good job!

- Anthony C.


I am very pleased with my recent tape to CD order. I am now considering transferring a number of VHS Video tapes to DVDs.

- Jean C.


Thank you for letting us know that you received our order. We couldn’t be happier with your work. Our messages sound great! We’d like information regarding bulk pricing for churches. We currently over 100 cassette messages we’d like to convert to CDs.

- Maria T.


Your website is informational, easy to understand and friendly.

- Paula


Thanks so much for getting this done for me. The CD arrived today and I am so happy to finally have songs I couldn’t find anywhere on a CD and now on my IPOD. Great job, will definitely be in touch in the future with more tapes that I want on CDs!

- Teri D.


I just wanted to let you know that we received our CDs today and they sound great!!! Thanks so much! We will definitely recommend you to our friends and family!

- Shannon W.


Thank you for job well done to my CDs and they are well made.

- Fernando


Thanks! Order arrived and have enjoyed playing them. Good Job.

- Cary


Last month I sent you two of my father’s records to be burned to CD. My dad has not stopped calling me and gushing about what a great job you did. Apparently he had tried to record them to CD himself before sending them to me. When I saw the age of the records I immediately started searching for a company to do the job. Having never listened to the records I have no idea what poor listening condition they were in. Needless to say both my father and I are thrilled with your work. I just wanted to say thanks!

- Andrea G.


I picked up the package today at the post office. Was busy so I just had chance to quickly listen to the first CD – it sounded unbelievably GREAT!! The quality is every bit as good as you described. Thanks so much!

- Mike L.


It arrived safely!! I am thrilled with everything you did. Really great job!

- Marion F.


I recently hired MediaLocks to convert approximately 200 photos to a DVD. The purpose of getting the DVD done was for my father’s 50 th birthday. My father lives in Europe and with the many miles keeping us apart, it’s difficult to send just the right gift for such a special occasion. I looked on the internet and starting doing some comparative shopping. After making contact with MediaLocks I felt they would be best for this special endeavor. After sending my photos to MediaLocks I got my finished package a little over a week later. Not only am I impressed with the promptness, but I am so excited about the finished product!! I love the packaging that MediaLocks selected. It is obvious that MediaLocks truly treated my project as if it were their own. I was so surprised to see how they selected different transitions during my picture video. Not only would I recommend MediaLocks to friends and family, I plan on using them for any future video needs. Again I can’t thank you enough for such a professional and caring job you did on this very special project.

- Rebecca R.


I have been meaning to get back to you and let you know the CDs you created for me are great. They sound better than the originals.

- Penny W.


I had an 8-Track stored for over 20 years of my brothers’ music, Great job.

- Job K.


I just received my order and listened to it. You did a great job! In the next few weeks I will be sending you more audio cassettes to be transferred to a CD. I also have been telling my friends about you.

- Jack S.


I received my CD and am very happy with it. The record you recorded was made about 1943, I was very surprised you were able to get out most of the hissing sounds from a record so old. Thank you very much. This was a family keepsake and now I can hear it again.

- Barbara K.


Thank you for the exceptional reproduction of the LP Album to CD. The Quality of the sound and the picture of the cover ad play list are superb! I am glad we ordered two copies, as we are giving one to our best friends as a gift… one that isn’t available elsewhere. Your responsiveness to our special request for delivery was appreciated. I would heartily recommend your firm to others.

- Garry R.


Received my master this morning and it was GREAT! Were thrilled with its great work and will be using your services in the future.

- Harold C

I can’t thank you enough for the CDs you made from my cassette. I really thought my listing days of this service were over, then I found you on a google search. Thank you again and again for saving this precious memory for me.

- Robin I.


Thank you so much for the completion of my order. I received it Friday and have been enjoying it. You made my birthday memorable. You can be sure that we will be contacting you in the future for saving our memories!

- Desiree P.


Just wanted to thank you for the nice job of transferring those cassettes to CD. The tapes were 25 years old and had been played countless times so they weren’t in the best condition possible. But as the saying goes, with your help, they cleaned up real nice.

- Bruce S.


I can not believe the quality of the book on tape you just transferred to CD. You have taken an out of print, very poor quality set of tapes and turned them into something my at risk students will be able to listen to as they read. I am stunned and more appreciative than you can imagine. Thank you.

- Connie C.


I was very pleased with the quality and timeliness of your service. I will very much recommend your service, and use it again.

- Rhoda B.


We want to thank you so much for preserving our memories… You do a great job. Can’t wait to get our new CDs, we are enjoying the others so much.

- Ramblers Band


I am just writing to let you know that I received the two CDs you did over for me. You did a BEAUTIFUL job!! They are PERFECT, just like I wanted. Thank you so much! I am so glad I found your company on the internet! I will recommend it to anyone who needs your services. MediaLocks is a CLASS ACT. I’ve enjoyed the great, friendly communication we have had regarding my CDs. Keep up the great work! I will always use MediaLocks for my future needs. Thanks again.

- John T.


Today I received the two cassettes sent to you for conversion to CD. I tried them and like the result. Your work is professional grade, arrived within the time as you said. Thanks, I will pass the word, nobody does your service anywhere close this area, certainly will hear from me in the near future. I am very pleased.

- Carlos Z.


Hey, love the intro – thanks so much for your extra effort there. Quinn, my son, will get a big kick out of it. I really appreciate your quick response and getting my little job done so quickly. My family will love seeing this over Thanksgiving and I will be passing your name and number around to anyone who’d like to convert any VCR tapes to DVD.

- Becky


I just received my CDs today. I am so Thrilled. The music tape was one that my husband and I used to dance to when we first met 30 years ago. I thought they were lost to us, now we can dance to them on our anniversary.

- Lee M.


I can’t thank you enough for the great job you did on the DVD! My mom just past away last Christmas Eve and this is a real tough time on my dad and I know this is going to help him get through this tough time. Thanks again and I am getting VHS tapes ready to ship to you to be put on DVDs. Thanks again, I love it!

- Patricia


We are enjoying our set of CDs and can hardly wait to give their sets to our adult children at Christmas! Thanks so much for your speedy service!

- Stephanie


I just wanted to let you know that I received my CD and record back safe and sound. Thank you so much for the transfer. What a great service! I wonder if you had a good laugh while transferring my 1950s and 1960s oldies and listening to those strange songs. I sure had a laugh listening to them again. I will refer you if anyone else has a need for your service.

- Gale K.


Someday I will tell you the story, but my dad got so much joy out of opening his presents tonight… thank you. I will send more after the holidays and thanks for making my dad laugh.

- Jennifer


I received my CDs today and couldn’t be more thrilled. The tape from Duke, has sentimental meaning to me, and since I no longer have a tape player, hearing the CDs today brought back such warm memories. Thank you so much, I certainly will recommend your company to my friends.

- Stephanie P.


I have received my order and, as usual, everything exceeded my expectations. Thank you for your outstanding service. I have all my tapes copied now so I won’t have another order for a while, but I will recommend you to all my friends.

- JoAnne R.


I received my package and am very pleased with your work and promptness. You will be getting more work from me. I am on a small pension but will have my cassettes copied to CD as I can afford it. I will also tell my friends as we all have lots of old stuff. I know you don’t need any accolades from me but it is nice to find a business that does what they promise.

- Wilbur M.


My order arrived today and I am very happy with the results, and the excellent customer service and communications that you provided in the course of our correspondence. I am really enjoying hearing this particular music again for the first time in about forty years. Thanks very much for everything, and I will be passing along your contact info to the various local places here in Ottawa where I was not able to obtain the service that MediaLocks provided so well.

- Mike L.


Outstanding job – the sound from an old record was unbelievable – I never expected and I will bet someone had to do some editing and sound tweaking – really appreciate it. Those songs and words are so very important to me. I know where to go next time for conversions.

- Tony G.


I received my package today and was pleasantly surprised at how professional they were made!! Thank you for your attention to detail and your efforts at making a quality product. Your magnet is on my fridge as a reminder and I should have more to send you in the future.

- Mark M.


It was a smash success. My daughter was so relieved… It brought the house down! Again a great job!

- Angelo V.


I have received the CDs and I am very pleased with the product. You did a nice job with the cover and the quality of the sound is very good considering you were working with a very old LP. I anticipate placing additional orders, Thank you.

- William P.


I received the CD you made for me and everything is great. Thanks, as you have made an old Hippy, happy!

- Joe T.


I received my package today and the CD sounds awesome. Nick work, thanks a lot! I am so glad I found your service.

- Deb R.


The package arrived and I love the DVD. Thank you so much. It will be such a great addition to the party. My favorite is the paper airplane at the end it is PERFECT! I can hardly wait for Jim to see it. Thanks again.

- Kathy B.

I would just like to say Thank you very much for the wonderful CDs you prepared for me. They are just wonderful. My friend’s mom is no longer with us and the memory of her playing the piano is now restored forever.

- Jane D.


I received my CDs. Thank you very much – I was really impressed with the service. I want to commend you on the excellent communication and great work. The CDs sound awesome! I will definitely be sending you some more tapes to convert soon and will recommend you to anyone I know is looking for these services.

- Jesse P.


I just wanted you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of sound, and how professional your company was in terms of customer service and shipping. We would highly recommend your company to anyone.

- Kim & Don S.


Thank you very much for preserving an important piece of my history and memories.

- Giulia R.


I want to let you know how pleased I am with it. I have played it a few times already and it is just great. If I find any more in my collection of tapes that I might want copied, I will certainly get in touch with you. Thanks for the excellent service.

- Shirley F.


I received your DVD and it was wonderful and my dad really liked it. We had his 90 th birthday party last weekend and everyone from the family was thrilled. I am so happy with your work and telling everyone about you. Thank you again.

- Joy H.


The slideshow was awesome! You did a fantastic job. Everyone loved it. I like how you did all the different fade ins. I have been and will continue to refer others to you.

- Roseann N.


Received record and CD today. All is well, CD played beautifully. Appreciate the good work.

- Dr. D.


Thank you once again! The CD sounds perfect, I shall be sending another for sure!

- Mark L.


Received the CD today in excellent condition today. Thank you for making this happen. The CD is recorded perfectly and better than I anticipated, it sounds wonderful even for a monaural recording. Great job on the cover artwork also. I will definitely use your service again real soon… Well done.

- Mike E.


I can’t remember if I ever got back to you about how much our daughter and son-in-law loved the DVD that we gave them last April. Let’s just say: $ to make it, $ to re-do it, but the looks on their faces when they saw it – priceless! Paula also cried, as many of her relatives in it are deceased, so it is even more special to her. The relatives who got the copies were speechless. They also cried! I’d say that it was a success. Thanks for all of your help. I will call you again, and refer you to others!

- Barbara J.


I have just received the CD and I couldn’t wait to listen to it for the first time. I was so surprised to hear how clear and in great quality it turned out. Thank you very much for your wonderful work.

- Amina A.


Just wanted you to know that we finally received our order and the CDs sound wonderful. We are very pleased with the CDs. Thank you all so much for taking the time to work on our records.

- O.L.Y.


I just wanted to tell you what a GREAT job you did on those dvds. The music you chose was just perfect, and I was seriously blown away by you putting Christmas music for the Christmas scenes. I was not expecting it and it was the best surprise. Great fading in and out of scenes as well. Makes viewing the DVD so much fun, I’ve watched it 3 times already.

- Gary L.


I can’t thank you enough. I look forward to adding these songs to my iPod. I will always use your service for my future needs. You give outstanding service. I applaud you.

- Judy B.


I received my 8 track to CDs. I have had a chance to listen to them. I am very pleased with them. You did a very good job.

- Marvin G.


I received the CDs this morning – I’m listening right now. Good Job! I will recommend you to any of my friends who have some tapes they want converted.

- Don E.


I received my CD in today’s mail and just finished playing it. It is wonderful! Thanks for your good work. I think the CD sounds even better than the original audio cassette.

- George P.


I got my CD today. The recording is excellent. The sound quality on the Cd is much better than the tape.

- Asha W.


My CDs sound terrific, thank immensely.

- Roosevelt M.


I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the CDs you carefully prepared for me. Wow!

- Sherman L.


The finished job arrived yesterday on schedule. I just wanted to let you know that I was really impressed with your technical craft. The 45-yaer-old semiprofessional disc now sounds better than it has any right to! Thanks for your fine work!

- Marvin J.


Many thanks for the CDs that have reached here in excellent shape. Great work, very much appreciated. Superb work, endless thanks for taking such good care of my work!

- Anil L.


I just wanted to let you know that the package arrived safe and sound Friday. I wanted to surprise my mom so we put it in the car so it would play on their way to church yesterday. She was confused at first why Christmas music was on the radio but then she recognized it and she was so so happy to hear it again. Thanks for making both of us happy and I will be sure to recommend you to anyone else I know or come across who needs to have done any of the services you provide!

- Amy L.


Just wanted to say thanks for the work you did for me. I’ve so enjoyed being able to put some of these OLDIES onto my iPod and hear them again. What a pleasure! I’ll give your name/address to my friends.

- Linda M.

YOU GUYS ROCK!!! I just got my CD, and I am so excited to have the aphasic patient samples in a format that I can now use without worry that a tape is going to break. That old tape was in it’s last leg. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Well worth the very little money you charged! I will absolutely contact you when I need anything similar in the future.

- Pam S.


I received my CDs and I am so pleased with them. You did a really great job!

- Louise C.


Thank you so much Media Locks! Now my childhood memories live on! The quality of the CD is awesome and the service is fast! You are the BEST!!

- Jennifer K.


Just a note of thanks. My dad had many hours of happiness listening to wigwam. It was such a great pleasure for me to see him so happy!

- Gail M.


I am enjoying my CDs every day. Thank you for a job well done. I shall be sending two more of my records and I am giving your address to some friends.

- Connie F.


I received the CDs that you made from my cassettes. Awesome! Awesome! What a GREAT job and so classy. The CDs look great. I am so happy that I found you on the Internet and did business with you. I don’t have an opportunity often, but I certainly will recommend you. Thanks again for the great an the speedy work!

- Dave G.


Wow! 8 days from the day you received my cassettes until I have them and the CDs back in hand. I wanted these back in time for my brother’s and sister’s Birthdays which are this month. I wasn’t sure if they will get them in time, but thanks to you they will now. You are officially in my “favorites” list and I will recommend you o friends. Great service. Quick responses to questions and superb quality.

- Linda L.


Received my CDs a couple of days ago, had just listened to Feliciano and loved it. It was the first of my home-made cassettes and included some false starts, clicking since I didn’t know about the pause button yet, low volume and a bunch of amateur mistakes but I loved the music. You amped up the volume for me so I am thoroughly enjoying having my music available in my newer car. Thanks so much for allowing me to enjoy my music again. Thank you.
- Ginger C.


Package arrived in good shape yesterday. The music quality on CD is excellent! There is no record-needle noise, and you seem to have captured the complete range of audio frequencies. Great job

Thank you!

- Gordon L.


Just a note to let you know that I received your CD, and found it to be done very well. Thanks for the excellent job!

- Terry K.


I cried… Literally! We moved out here in ’80 and I haven’t heard this music since then. Awesome! This morning I got it and with the first notes I knew you had done a fabulous job! There are no words to express my appreciation. You are great! I am not sure how long I’ve had these tapes but I got them before I met my husband and that was in 74. The memories this music bring back… Thank you so much. I may stop crying in a week or so.

- Nelleva R.


The music sounds great… I have been looking for the band on the internet and just about everywhere possible. Now I can stop wasting time and start enjoying the music once again.

- Kathryn L.


I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my record-to CD you made for me. I don’t know how you got such a clear sound from what was probably very scratched up records, but my family will be very surprised when I take them for mother’s day. Thanks again for giving such a great service. Memories may be forever, but a recording is even better!

- Pat J.


I have gotten about 600 audio cassettes transferred to CD by MediaLocks and quite a few video also transferred to DVD and have had a very positive experiences with them. The quality of work is very good, things have been in order and no errors for longer sequences of work. Packaging is very good and the work is completed and shipped just when he says it is. Originals are returned in the same condition they were sent and have not lost anything in the two years I have been dealing with them. I have much more as I am restoring talks given by monks at a monastery in India that are priceless.

- Andre G.


Had to let you know what a good job you did on my CDs. We got hurricane Katrina out of our way so that I could finally listen to my CDs. I have given two out for gifts so far and everybody is very happy with them. They sound better than the cassette that I sent you.

- Hank L.


MediaLocks is one of the few places I have done business where I have felt like the company really cared about me as a customer and my needs and concerns. You have given me excellent service and an excellent product and I wish I had more work to send to you! If I ever have more work of this nature to be done, be assured you will have the business. I not only got the work done I needed, but you gave me hope that there are still businesses who care and are not just out there to make the almighty buck!

- Ronda P.


Oh My gosh, it is spectacular, awesome, terrific!! I can’t say or thank you enough for getting this done, and so quick. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future, and will refer you to friends.

- Diana F.


My new CDs are great, thanks so much. I have passed on your great service to friends and all the local places I had called. Hope you get some new customers.

- Pat F.


We want to express our thanks for the CDs. You did an excellent job considering the condition of the tapes. You have brought our memories alive again. We will recommend you to those that we know and anyone else. Thanks again for the great service and fine work you did!

- Patricia P.


I rec'd my CD. Have really enjoyed it. Thanks so much. Will be sending another one soon.

- Linda C.


Thank you. I am very happy with my CD of Catulli Carmina. I will tell the person on e-bay where I "won" the LP about your service. When I asked him, he had no idea where to refer me. Now he'll have an answer for the next person.
- Laura P.


Thanks for doing a great job of transferring my tapes to CD's.

- Tom T.


Just wanted to let you know that I received my CDs yesterday and wanted to tell you thank you. You did a good job and I was very satisfied. Thanks again.

- Cara M.


I got my CD’s today—I want to tell you what a wonderful job you did! I couldn’t be happier. Thanks for such excellent service. I have already spread the word to several friends who may be interested in the same service. Thanks again for a great job!!!

- Jeff B.


Just wanted to thank you very much I received my order on Monday. Sounds great, and it's really cool to see myself on a CD, with my dog to. Can't wait to get another ongoing.

- J. Bell


I just wanted to send you an email to thank you and your team for the fabulous CDs that were created from our collection of audio tapes. It is so wonderful--better than I expected and something that my children will certainly treasure throughout their lives.

Thank you being such a pleasure to work with--I am so glad that I stumbled upon your company on the Internet (yahoo search to be exact!) and hope to have more business to send your way. I look forward to telling my friends/family about your services as well. Best wishes!!

- Michelle R.

I want to tell you how thrilled I am with my CD's!! The sound is great. There are no scratchy sections. Please keep the back-up for a few more days. I have a friend who was also in the performance. She played 1st violin in the orchestra. She may want copies. The concerts were in 1962 and 1964. I am just as enthralled hearing them as I was 40+ years ago. Anyhow, thank you sooo much.

- Vicki S.


I just got my order today, and I wanted to thank you very much for your work. The CDs that I played sound great, and it is so cool having my old music on CD. I will be sending you another order, probably in September.

- Sue R :-)


The order came yesterday, Aug. 2. I am especially pleased with "Music to Dust Glass By", and realize you had much better original recordings to work with. The other one came out better than I thought it might, considering what you must have had to work with. I think the earliest ones (1951) were done on a small self'-recorder that my father had; the later ones (piano solos, 1971) were put on the 8 track from a reel-to-reel made in my living room. Thank you for your work, and promptness.

- Nancy W.


I received the CD's in the mail as you promised. I want to commend your company on your business professionalism, quality of product, competitive pricing and on time as promised service. I would highly recommend Medialocks as a quality company you can depend on.

Thank you very much.

- Representative Peter L. Dist.#18--New Hampshire





You folks did such a great job with batch number one. Batch number two is on its way to you, thanks!

- Odessa


Hi guys -- finish my next 6 cassettes for CDs -- will be sending them off the first of next week -- still enjoying the others I've received - is there no end -- seems the more I do the more I find - well, it's fun -- thanks for the past goodies.

- Gene


I received my order today -- thank you so much. You do lovely work.

- Sincerely, Teresa B.


I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the CD's you transferred for us. They really mean a lot to our family! Thanks again,

- Bettie H.


GREAT JOB on my tape to CD order. PRE-RECORDED (i.e. RECORD COMPANY) TAPESI'll be sending several more pre-recorded tapes for transfer in the near future. A couple are out-of-print.

- Mart C.


You're toooooooo fast - I love it - Now I've got to get on the ball & re-record/record more things I've collected for the last 100 years - thanks

- Gene F.


I recently sent some things for you guys to do and you did an incredible job for me and I really appreciate it.

- Stephen H.


I received the CD made from the 45's and the CD was great! You did a great job on removing the extensive scratches from the very old 45's. Again, great job!

- Robert C.


Thank you for your wonderful service. We received our order today and were impressed by your great customer service and the expediency of the job. It was a pleasure working with you. Thank you again!


- SGA K. Nguyen


I received the two CD conversions (Profound Simplicity and Living Positively) two days ago. Both CDs played flawlessly and splendidly in my CD player. Thank you. Sincerely,

- Antonio A.


Got it....thanks for a great job.

- Roger S.


I got my CD yesterday. Perfect!!! Thank you very much.

- Carmencita C.


The order arrived on Thur. (mail so slow). The CD is wonderful and my husband and I are surprised how good the sound is.

- Shirley B.


Hello, I just wanted to let you know I received my CDs, I was very pleased with transfers, printed titles and overall finished product, I will definitely do business with your service again, thanks again,

- Froylan Z.


Hello again -I'm glad to say that the package was on my doorstep when I got home Sat. evening. All in good shape.Thanks for doing a very nice job on the CDs. Everything was done just in the way I wanted it, and I especially appreciate your taking the time to mend that record so that it could be recorded with the rest. It's so great to be able to listen to those songs again, as I haven't had a player for 78's since the 60's. I will certainly recommend your service and think of you again if I have cassettes or VHS tapes I want transferred.

- Jay L.


Just to let you know that the CD's arrived today (Wednesday) and I can't thank you enough. My family will be so happy when they receive them. I will have another job for you to do with my brother's piano recital records from 6 years old to 13. The early ones are 78's and the later ones are 33 1/3. Can you do that? That would really surprise him and his daughters to have a CD of them.


- Marita V.


I got the package out of the post office today. Thanks so much. The CD sound great! Your service was GREAT. Thanks again,

- Angela V.


We want to thank you, again, for the wonderful job you did on our 8-track tape conversion. You have done so much to help us preserve these precious memories. We couldn't be more pleased. Once more, thank you so much.

- Michel & Sherri H.


It is so amazing to hear Dad again on the CD's and to be able to go to the different tracks - they all seem in order and done well!I thank you and I may be sending you a video or 2 to transfer to DVD and will send along your letter of the $8 credit - Again - you have been an answer to prayer here with what you do and more importantly how carefully you handle these memories sent you - thanks--Blessings Be Yours

- Mary D.



- Sylvia B.


Thanks for your help on the previous tapes I sent you. I liked the results very much and the service was very speedy!

- David E.

On Tuesday I received the CDs which you converted from my original audio cassette. The recording on the cassette is of me interviewing my father about his memories of World War II. My father is 85 years old, and in poor health, so this recording is very important to our family. The recording is also important because it will be included in a WW II vet history project in Washington D.C. Needless to say, I was a little nervous about even sending the cassette to you, for fear it would be lost or damaged. However, I was overwhelmed by your professionalism--your assurances on the telephone that it would be safe, your email acknowledging your receipt of the cassette, and finally, but most importantly, the quality and quick turnaround of the product. We now have four beautiful CDs--one for myself and each of my three siblings. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- Christine M.


I received my CDs yesterday, and to my ears, they sound comparable to recording company issues. I have played them on a CD player, and also my Windows Media Player, to which I have copied them.

This is like getting new music, as the cassettes are only sitting in box, possibly deteriorating with time. They're too much of a nuisance to play, since the only automatic reverse I encountered was in the car, but now cars have CD players! I have about 25 more cassettes, that I am going to send, a few at a time, for conversion. I plan to send 5 within the next week.

- Jessie F.


I received my order yesterday and want to let you know how thrilled I am with it. The cassette tape I sent you to be converted to CD's has been used by our family for the past 20 years when we celebrate Hanukkah. I was beginning to worry that with so much use - 8 nights annually for the last 20 years - it would eventually break from the wear and tear. Now I have peace of mind knowing we can continue our family tradition at Hanukkah time for many years to come. Also, I was thrilled to be able to purchase additional CD's to pass on to my children and future grandchildren.

Thank you for the incredible job you did. The sound quality is exceptional!


- Linda S.


Just a word of thanks for the good job on the tapes. The family were very pleased with the results.

- Jim O.


Wow, I just received my first two lp-cd conversions back, very very very very very nice.

i will return, thanks!

- Andrew N.


The package arrived today. PERFECT!!! Thanks.

- Matt M.


Hello - I recently sent you a couple of tapes that I wanted transferred to CDs. I just received them and they sound great. Just wanted to say thanks and nice job.

- Peggy M.


CD's received today. I want to thank you for your excellent service and the excellent quality of your work. Recently I had to buy a new car which doesn't have a tape player, and the ability to transfer these tapes to CD is a real bonus. I hope to use your service again in the future.

- Father McGee


I just want to let you know how happy I am with the product I purchased.

For years I had feared that the music tape I recorded 12 years ago would be lost forever. My husband stumbled upon your website around Christmas time and told me that you had the ability to turn tapes into CDs. I must admit that I was a bit nervous about sending off my only copy of my greatest musical accomplishment, but the instant I put the CD into the player I realized that this was one of the best decisions I have made. I am very impressed with your product and your level of customer service and will recommend you to friends and family. THANK YOU!!!!!

- Jaimee H.


Thank You for the great job on my cassette tape . I have listened to it at least 3 times this evening again Thank You.

- Howard L.


My order arrived, and was held by our post office, the day after my wife and I left for a three week jaunt around Hawaii on last January 3rd. We arrived home on the 31st and found your package. It took me another two weeks to catch up before I got around to opening my order. I had sent you 8 LPs and you returned 7 CDs. Two of the LPs are on one CD. You also duplicated 3 of the album's art work. It may interest you to know that 7 of these LPs have been tucked away for over 45 years and the 8th LP, which I didn't even know I had, is 51 years old. Years ago I either sold or gave away my extensive LP collection. I kept these 8 for sentimental reasons, I was part of the choruses that was recorded on these albums. Having not listened to these LPs in over 45 years you can't imagine how happy I was to go down musical memory lane when I played my new CDs. I believe that the quality is far superior then the original vinyl recordings. You are to be congratulated for your fine work and attention to detail. I could not be pleased or satisfied anymore then I already am. I have already recommended you to several of my friends. You folks are winners.

Feel free to use the above as a testament to your superb service.

Being not able to thank you enough I am.

- Charles. E. Gahanna, Ohio


Just wanted to let you know that I received the package. You did a great job. Thanks so much.

- Angela J.


Wanted to let you know, I received my shipment. Very nice, job well done and timely. My son will be pleased. As you could tell the tape is very old and my husband has been enjoying hearing this music again.

Many Thanks,

- Lydia L. B


It has been a total pleasure dealing with your company. Thank you again for turning my unusable 8-tracks into enjoyable cd's!

- Lucia C.


Just wanted to let you know that I received my CD's yesterday and they sound awesome. Thank you so much! I will be sending more stuff your way.

- Karl G.


Received my CD's yesterday's mail and I was so pleased. I immediately played some of the CD's and I was pleased on the clarity especially on the Orchestra sounds. Question for you. Do you also convert VCR tapes to DVD's. Records to CD's. I think you do, but wanted clarification and prices.

Again thanks for a job well done. I have a lot of hours of great music to listen to in my truck.

- Regards, Ron


I wanted to let you folks know that my Mother was very happy with the CD's and the sound!. Thank you. I appreciated your extra effort and contacting me with the questions you had.

Thank you for the good service and the timeliness of the order too!

- Valerie M.


I received the tapes on Saturday. The quality I thought was great. It was just the way I remembered. Thanks for the great work. Ill send more tapes soon.

- Ricordati R.


Received cd s today . Excellent job much clearer than the old original 78 rpm thank you for excellent service and Quality. Sincerely,

- Stryker T.


Just had to write and tell you the record to cd conversion of Dallas Holm and Praise is WONDERFUL!!! It's so good to have the memories the songs bring back come to life again. Thank you for an excellent job. I'll be passing your name on to friends.

- Sheri M.


Thank you so much for a great job! Well done!!

- Carla B.


Package has been received...all seems to be well...expect to listen to all in the next few days (weeks)...haven't heard some of them for years......


- Herb P.


Hi, I received my albums and CDs back the other day. Just wanted to say thanks because they sound great. I will definitely use your company in the future for any of my audio conversion needs. Thanks again.

- Jon Eric T.


Great job! Thank you so much. Both CDs are perfect and back home safe and sound.

- Carla B.







Got my order and it sounds terrific!!

Thank you so much and I will be in touch when I need any more copies.

- Bob G.


By the way I really enjoyed the dvd and even the cd's from your work and my old media. Thank you again!!

- Diana S.


Received my package this afternoon, very pleased and satisfied with product as well as fast service. Will use you again when I have cassettes to be transferred.

Thank you,

- Karen Z


Great job on the CD's. Thanks so much.

- Ken W.


Got my package today. WOW or WOW did you ever fix that

picture good.. I am so pleased with your work,, thank you

so much... I just love how they sound and came out..

- Kitty in Las Vegas


I received my cassette to CD this morning (I'm listening to it now) I am very happy and pleased with the CD.

The sound is wonderful!' l'll me sending more in a few weeks. Thank you again and I wish you great success with your company. Siincerely,

- Vertelle K.

P.S. I feel like break-dancing


I just want to thank you and everybody involved at Medialocks for the

wonderful work you did in transferring my old band practice tape cassettes

from the 1970's which I have been too afraid to play for years. Now, I can

finally travel down "memory lane" without fear (maybe some of the music on

the CD's is scary though!)

Once again, great job and will highly recommend Medialocks to my friends in

the future and/or be a repeat custom as the need arises...

Best regards,

- Ray H.


I received my new CD cassette conversions in the mail yesterday. I played them all (4CDs) and they are absolutely perfect !! J You guys really do nice work !! I still have 16 more cassettes to convert. I’m going to try and get a couple of them in the mail to you each month or so.

Thanks again for the WONDERFUL CDS.

- Peter T.


My old LP conversion to CD--A Classic Affair- arrived April 29. Invoice 57651. What an absolute thrill to again experience the beautiful music from this 50 year old, treasured LP. On my BOSE unit, the room was filled with unbelievable concert sounds.

Your personal attention and service was greatly appreciated and I will HIGHLY recommend you to individuals seeking an avenue to update old LP's to quality CD sounds.

Again, I THANK YOU so much for this LP transfer. I am preparing another LP of 1958 for your service. WARM with Johnny Mathis. Sincerely,

- Bob S.


I received the CD's and am very pleased with the work you did for me. There is so much family history on the CD's, some of which captures voices and music dating back 20+ years; some of whom are no longer with us. What a treat being able to share this with family members. Thank you very much.


- Nancy L.









I received my order in the mail today and wanted to say thank you.

- Shawn R.


Got the CD yesterday. It sounds awesome! Thanks so much for your help. I've been wanting to have that music put on CD for the longest time, and I will recommend your company to my friends.

- Barb G.


Thank you! The order arrived and the CDs are great.

I appreciate the work you did on this order!

- Louise P.


Thanks James. I got the CDs and Lps back Tuesday. Great job. Thanks Buddy!

- John R. (Reaching Records)


Just wanted to tell you that I received my CD today and played it immediately. It was just beautiful. I plan to play it at our 50th wedding anniversary. That was my sister and nephew singing.


- Sandy H


Absolutely Amazing!

I brought to you 72 pictures (number 1-72), two CD's (of which, three songs I selected for use), a poem special to our family, and minor handwritten notes. What I received in return, is unbelievable. I cannot put into words what I have to treasurer forever and ever, thanks to your talent and creativity. I watched the DVD at least three times back to back with my daughters, and each time it was like a new experience, seeing different things that caught our eyes. We truly will cherish this forever.

Thank you, thank you!

As a side note, my husband had no desire to watch the DVD and I let it go at that. After three days, he wanted to see it. He couldn't believe what he saw. His comment, "That was beautiful and you will keep that forever." Now he wants others to see it.


- Debra B.


I just got my order back yesterday…a CD converted from a 1958 LP! And the quality was GREAT! This is a surprise gift to my mother and I know she is going to love it! I really appreciate your service and will definitely recommend and pass your name on to my family and friends. Thank you SO MUCH!!!!

- Sheryl J.


Hi. I received my CDs yesterday and they are great. I was expecting to have 3 or 4 CDs as I thought the 2 Oldies cassettes would also need 2 CDs. Thanks for the good service.

- Barbara A.


We received the CDs today and I have already starting reviewing the recordings. Looks and sounds great!


- Amy M. (University of Iowa)


I just want to thank you. You can’t imagine how much it means to have this on CD. My dad passed away in Oct. and this was his tape of his music.

Thanks again,

- Randi M.


I wanted to thank you for the quick response time on converting my 1 tape to CD ... it turned out well.

I'll have some more items in the future and will get back to you.

Thanks a bunch,

- Sheila N


Just wanted to let you know that I received my order safe and sound, and am extremely happy!! Thank you.

- Pam M.


Hello, I orderd several tapes to be convereted to Cd for my Aerobics classes.

You did an awesome job and I was very pleased. I have two aerobic instrutors who now also want to convert their old tapes. They will be sending you their tapes soon and may call you for more information.

I was so pleased with your company , that Im spreading the word about your service and if you would like to send me some flyers or business cards etc...I will pass them out to other instructors. I teach aerobics at 4 different health clubs and have many opportunites to sell your service to other instructors.

I had ordered about 10 tapes to convert to cd all aerobic music.

Thanks again and email or call me if you would like to send me advertising of some form to

pass along to other instructors.

- Jill C.

The CD's and cassettes arrived today in good order. Many thanks for helping me to preserve some wonderful 50 year old memories. You do great work. thanks again.

- Sister Virginia


The DVD you guys did, did arrive.

My thanks to everyone for a BEAUTIFUL job in converting the video tape for me.

AND: more stuff will be on its way ....

Best regards ...

- Ron C.


Your a life saver! This tape was a recording of my brothers "basement" band they had in high school, (Mid '70's). It's the only recording that I know of. One of the band members actually went on to hit it big and made a career of it. Jude Cole, is the co-owner of "IronWorks" studios in L.A. with Kiefer Sutherland. He's got quite an impressive biography and has had his hand in a lot of well known projects. I'm really honored to have had him keep me up late at night when I was in grade school, listening to them practice in the basement! So, for you guys to be able to get it transferred, is very much appreciated! The band has been asked to re-unite to play a 30th class reunion in September and I hope to present them all with copies of this disc!

Thanks again! You guys are the BEST!

- Toby O.


I just received my CD and I thank you so much. I'm the one who sent you two little green disks and hoped you could put them on a CD so I could hear what was on it. I had recently found them in a drawer and couldn't find anything to play them on. My husband had been at a business meeting in Connecticut in March 1961 and sent them to me at our home in Minneapolis. Then he changed jobs - we moved to Florida in 1962 - he developed lung cancer and died in 1966.

So this CD is so special in spite of all the background noises. Our sons were 8 & 10 when he died and they too will appreciate hearing his voice after all these years. They live in this area.

He was mostly talking about the recording machine and the meeting (and a few "I love you's") but I'll treasure it anyway.

Thank you so much for figuring out how to convert them.


- Rita F.


I received my CD today. This was music from an album that was recorded in the late 60's. I had long ago thrown away the record - no record player! I came across the cassette recently and had no cassette player. Thanks to you, I can now listen to that music from 40 years ago.

Thank you so much.

- Marilyn V.


James, I received my DVD's of the home slides a few days ago, they are great, one set will be on it's way to California tomorrow. You done a great Job. Thank you



We have been away. Sorry for the delay in writing. I want to thank you for there great job you did in transferring my tape of the Sons of the Pioneers to a CD! I'll be using your services again, soon!

- Frank D.


Thank you for your expert service. I received the CD that you made from an old 8 track tape. I know you had trouble with the restoration because the tape was so old, but I can't thank you enough for the joy it has brought to our family. You have my business for life. And, your fee for doing all that you did is incredibly reasonable. You guys are the best.

Thanks a million,

- John R.


I received my new cd's and loved it. u did a splendid job! keep the good work!

- Rex M.


Dear Medialocks, Your package arrived last night. Thank you for doing such a nice job and take care.

- Alan E.


I got my CD today and the sound quality is fantastic. It came out better than we had hoped.


- Amy W.


The cds are terrific. Thank you for your prompt service. I have to admit I was a little nervous because I found you in Google, but my faith was rewarded. I will be sending for more soon.

- Satya K


The box arrived yesterday, 19th, and everything is just fine. The quality is very good and I enjoy playing them in the car again. I have a 2006 Lincoln Town car and that was the first year they didn't put a cassette deck in. Thanks again for the real good quality discs.

- J A. H.


Just wanted to say "thank you" for my new CDs from my old cassettes. They sound great. I'm so glad I found your company on the internet.

Best wishes,

- Barbara K.


I just wanted to say thank you for providing a great service at a fair price. The cd's you made are great. I'll recommend you to all my friends and family who have media they want to convert. Thanks again!

- Rick M.


I received my CD's today . Thank you I am so pleased. You did a great job . I had wanted those tapes put on cd's for a long time. Happy customer

- Luellen L.

ps I will be sending more later I want to enjoy these now.








Hi. I received my CDs (converted from cassette tapes) on Tuesday. I just want to let you know that I am very pleased with the results and with your company. I will definitely recommend you to others. Thank you.


- Lee M.


I just wanted to let you know the work you did with my old 8 tract is astonishing. It will last for at least another 30 years. Thank you so much.

- Joan R.


I have received my order. I am now listening to the CD and it is sounding great. Thank-you for you professionalism. I appreciated all the updates. I will not hesitate to use you again.


- Christine


Just received my order. There is only one word I can say I AM THRILLED!!! Thank you soooooo much. Love the work you did. I will keep you in mind for future orders and I will recommend you highly to friends and acquaintances. Thank you again,

- Julia J,


I wanted to let you know that I'm really impressed with your service. I work for the Postal Service and your packaging was great. The CD is wonderful - excellent quality. I will let others know of your quality service!!!!

- Veronica C


Thank you so much for my wonderful new cds. As my budget permits I will send in more tapes to be converted.

- Judy S



THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THOSE ADDED WORDS! i'll check the cd contents when i drive to my office, but i'm sure it's good. I'll let my friends know about your great service... and let's keep in touch. (you've made not just me happy but the others who've i've shared those CDs with.) you're wonderful! again, thanks a lot and i hope life gives you the best of everything.

- Manny N.


I wanted to write and thank you for doing such an excellent job of converting my cassettes to CD. The quality of your work is much appreciated and I will not hesitate to use your services in the future. Thanks!

- Mark W


Hi again!

I just wanted to let you know that I got the cds today and I'm THRILLED with them! Thank you very much! :D

- Mrs. Jacqueline K

I just wanted to write and say that I received my Alcoa Singers – Old Fashioned Christmas cds and they sound better than they did on vinyl! Thank you for putting our treasured record on cd so we can actually listen to it again! Anyway, it all worked out fine and I was able to give the cds to my sister and mom this past weekend at my annual Christmas party. They were truly surprised and I know they have been playing it non-stop! Thanks again! Happy Holidays!

- Noelle B.

I want to thank you for the wonderful job you did in transferring my cassette to cd. I had originally had a local company do it and was extremely disappointed with the cd that was made. I received my new cd from you a couple of days and have had a chance to listen to it and for the first time in quite a while I was able to enjoy that music again. Not only was the sound as good as the original but the separation of songs was an added bonus. If I have any other items that I want to have transferred I will not hesitate to send them to you and I will highly recommend you to any that needs your services. Again, I want to thank you for a job well done.


- David M.


I got the package today, it must have been in our mailbox for sometime now, as i just opened it. james, the label inscription is great and that cover picture... it's AWESOME! THANK YOU SO MUCH. YOU JUST MADE MY DAY! WHEN I SEE OR PLAY THAT CD I WILL REMEMBER YOU!!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS, AND I WISH YOU THE BEST OF EVERYTHING!

- Jenny G.


I received my order on Saturday. The CD's are wonderful. Thank you very much. I hope to order more items when I can.

- Karen S.


I safely received my audiotapes converted to CDs. I am extremely pleased with the results and the qulaity of the CDs. I will use your service in the future. Merry Christmas.

- Margaret S.


You've made our christmas happy and memorable with the CDs that you made for me. merry christmas.... and i hope it brings you good healthy and all the other things that you are wishing for!

- Manny U.


I just wanted to pass along my thanks for your service. I received my CD’s (and LP’s) in early December and everything was awesome. I ‘m very impressed with sound quality of the CD’s as well as the service you provide. I will definitely recommend you to any other individuals looking to convert their LP’s to CD’s.

Happy Holidays and all the best in the New Year.

- Simon S






Hello A quick message to express my thanks for completing my order. My package arrived today. I am well pleased. I will mention your service should I learn of anyone who is in need of your service.

- Kay S.


Thank you for the prompt service. I've been listening to some of the audio today at work, and must say the quality is even better than I had expected! It's great to get these family moments into a format that can easily be distributed and played. Thanks again for the fast and courteous service.

- Bruce T.


Hi, I received the cd's today and will enjoy many hours of listening to them. Thank you for your prompt service. Now I will start on my vcr tapes next. Will let you know in advance when I send them. You have been great and was a pleasure in doing business with you. Thank you so much!!

- Carol C.


Thanks for getting my tapes converted in a timely fashion. They sound great. You guys do quality work and I really appreciate it. Thanks again,

- Jen K LGA


I received my cds yesterday. There great. Much better than I had thought they would be. Thank you for the nice work.

- Frank L.


I received the cd yesterday. WELL DONE! It's amazing that this re-recording/transfer (whatever you call it) can be done and the end result is even better than the original cassette tape. My tape was 38+ years old. Thanks! I'll recommend your services to any I know who would like to have simliar conversions done.

Best regards...

- Sally R.


We just got the CDs and they look amazing. Thank you very much for your help.


- Elena N.


Am just writing to thank you for your good work. I am pleased with the CDs and your prompt service. Will try to recommend you when possible.

Thanks again, Sincerely, Patricia M.


Thank you for a job well done.

- Werner S.


Mailed Friday a new cassette to be made into a cd ,track separation, please, just like the first one I sent. . Tape I hope is under 78 minutes Great job on the last one.

- Ken K.


I have 5 more audio tapes coming your way, will put in the mail on Tuesday. You do really great work. If you need anything when these arrive, please contact me.

Thank you!!

- Carol S.


I received the cassette to CD conversion of Earnest Tubb's Greatest Hits today, and wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the finished product. The quality is excellent, and you would never know that it came from a cassette. I usually do most of my media burns and conversions, but I was having trouble with my conversion software and decided to outsource it. I find that I selected the right company for my needs, and will not hesitate to use you again.

Thanks again for a great service.

- Joe S.


Thank you so much for the great job you did on these old cassetts. I received my package today and was so relieved and happy how they turned out.

Thank you so much.

- Sandy C.


Received the cd's yesterday the 19th. Thanks again I am well pleased.

- Carol S.


Thank you ever so much for your fast and courteous service. I got my CD’s back today and I was glad to be able to have CD versions of a choir music I performed back in college. I only had tapes of them and was afraid of ruining the cassettes at some point. I will definitely use you again for any projects like this. Thanks for saving my music memories!

- Veronica H.


I have to tell you I am SO pleased with my CDs! I noticed you were able to fix one area on one of the tapes that didn't sound right. I was amazed. My mother got her copies also, and I think she wasn't able to tell they weren't originals. Thanks so much for the wonderful job you did!

- Karen K.


I just received my package and am so happy, I am playing the cd's now and they are wonderfull. Thank you so much for all your help and for our family to have these memories forever.

I have told everyone hear about your company and how much help you are to me.

Thank you and God Bless you and your family

- Sandy C.


Great Job! Thank you so much!

- Margaret R.


Thank you for the beautiful work, it is perfect!

- Aline H.


Dear MediaLocks,

I received the CD's yesterday and it sounds great. Thank you so much!

- Karen E.

Absolutely love the job you did putting my JazzTrax radio programs onto CD’S. Now

we can listen to them on our CD player in the car....will be sending more to you this coming week.


- Peter F.


The disks were received today. Thank you VERY MUCH for a super job !! ... much appreciated.

- Ron C.



I would like to say thank you so much for your service. It was much better and faster than expected. I will definitely refer anyone seeking this service to you.

Have a great day,

- Jackie J.


We want to thank you so much for converting our daughter's funeral mass from cassette tape to cd. On the anniversary of our daughter's death we would receive comfort from our priest's words by listening to Tara's Christian Burial Mass. We have not been able to listen to this for the past 2 years because of no available cassette player. Thank you so much, your company does exceptional work preserving memories whether they be happy ones or sad ones.

Your $6.00 check for fixing the cassette tape so it could be restored on cd is in the mail. Thanks again.


- Cynthia and William C.


We are very pleased with our CD copy. Thank you so much. We will recommend your services to family and friends. Have a wonderful day.

- Cindy C.


I can not believe the EXCELLENT quality of sound you transferred from cassette to CD. This CD is a recording my my granddaughters baptism, by The Dean and Rector The Very Reverend Robert Giannini of Christ Church Episcopal Cathedral in Indianapolis, IN I is so wonderfull to hear his voice again. He has retired. I hear my granddaughter Mackenzie Ann start to faintly cry during the actual baptism with water.I hear her name spoken during the Dean's homily and at the baptism. I hear one of our priests at the cathedral proclaim the gospel. Canon Cullinane is gone also.I would had paid four times what your fees were. You will NEVER know how much these CD's enlighten my heart, and bring back very fond memories. When I heard the Dean's voice at the beginning I was simply overwhelmed and cried ! In a few days I will email you again asking how to order additional copies and if I asked you to permanently store this at your company.

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH ! I am overwhelmed with the joy of hearing this, and now, it will be permanent.

I could not be more satisfied.

All the best,

- David E.


Thank you so much for the terrific job you did for us. I will recommend you to all of my friends.

- Elaine B.


I just received my conversions to DVD and I want to thank you for great service and a very professional presentation. Some very old folks will love the old home movies!

- Vickie D.


Thank you - I absolutely love the result. Thanks so much!

- Julia L.


I received my CD's yesterday in good order.

Thank you !

I am glad we talked about you saving one copy permanently.

You never know about the future.

I am so glad I found you guy's. You will never know how much listening to this, warms my heart about my granddaughter, Mackenzie's baptism.

I wish your company all the very best !


- David E.


Received the package today. got home at 6 and i've listened to CD 1, CD 2 and now i'm on 4 (just to see where it ends!) couldn't be happier. this is part of my most played music and i've been putting off buying a new car knowing i won't find another car with cassette and CD players! anyway, once i figure it out, i'll be sending more, and hopefully will find a copy of the "lost" tracks from that cassette. thanks, James, it was a pleasure

- Cris L.



I received my two cds yesterday and just wanted to thank you for the speedy service, but also to thank you for paying the $.30 postage on the delivery of my tape to you.

I miscalculated. That was a small, but very classy thing to do!

Sorry for the mistake.

All the best,

- Dennis D.


Records and CD arrived today in excellent condition. Played CD and enjoyed it very much.

Thanks for the excellent job. Will gladly use your services n the future.


- Michael D.


Received the CDs you copied for me from cassette.

Good work...Thanks !

- Nick G.


Records and CD arrived today in great condition. Listened to CD and was very saitisfied with the product.

Will be looking forward to giving you more business in the future.

Thanks again.

- Michael B.


I meant to right this sooner. I had you convert some cassettes to Cd not too long ago and just want you to know that the quality of these was exceptionally good!!!

It's good to know that I can depend on good quality transfers in the future. Thanks!

- Mark L.


FYI.......Thank You - CD's Great ----------

- George P.


Thank you for putting my cassettes on CDs-----those were all my favorite Christmas songs. And your work is mighty fine!

- Ruth U.


Hello, I received the CDs today. The ones that I listened to are excellent. Im getting another stack ready to send you. Thank you so much for making a hearts a reality

- Gloria O.


A note to let you know that my CD's arrived safely this afternoon (October 15th) after a stop for inspection at canada customs.

I appreciate the work you did on this for me as they are memories that will be cherished by myself and siblings in the UK

You did a great job and while I have not listened to the entire tape I did have a 5 minute quick preview.

Thank again

- Ron S.


They arrived ... you did another BEAUTIFUL JOB !! THANK YOU !

Best regards ...

- Ron C.


Thanks MediaLocks,

Was very pleased with the 1st order, the music sounded great as I headed down the highway. Looking forward to the next set.

- Linda L.


Hi, I received the CDs today and the sound is great!

Thank you!

- Jeanne C.


Received the CD's yesterday and listened to them last night; I don't know how you folks do it but the 25-plus year old cassette that I sent to you sounds like new - AMAZING - and worth every penny. Thank you.

- Dave H

I received the CDs you made from my cassette tape and they are PERFECT. Thank you so much – exceeded expectations, and really exceeded what I could have done myself. I will recommend your company and will most likely send more work your way.

- Denise H.


Just a note to thank you for doing such a good job on copying my cassette

tape to a CD. The sound quality is great, better than I expected!

Again, thank you for the quality of work that you did!! Keep up the good

work and we'll keep you in mind for future copies.


- Sharon F.


I wanted to thank you, James, for how you went the extra mile to assist us with placing breaks in the CD with short sermons. I know it was some trouble. It is really appreciated. Thanks again for your special attention and your kindness.

- Richard B.


I received the CD today. You did a fine job and I appreciate it. As mentioned before, when I travel to Wyoming in the summer, I intend to see if we can locate the machine these songs were done on. If so, I'm going to try to record more on tape and let you transcribe to CDs. I also intend to go through all my old cassettes and see if there are any I'd like on CD. My car has no tape capability.

Thanks again,

- Floyd H.


Hello. You just did a VHS to DVD job for me and I wanted you to know how happy I am with the results. That tape was in pretty bad shape but you cleaned it up and made it as good as new. You did better than I could have ever expected. I will be sure to tell all of my friends. Thank you.

- Kenneth R. B.


CD's arrived. Great job. more to follow. Thanks and I hope you see Jones before he was writting for Jackson and Riggilo who arranged for kenton.


- Clem P.


Package received and they are great. I am amazed at how much of our Saudi Arabian VHS tape you salvaged. That was before the war, so it is very special. I will continue to do business with you in the future (if I could just find all those slides!)

Happy Thanksgiving.

- Margaret S.


I received my order today and I am very pleased with the final product and the whole process, from start to finish. Thank you so very much for taking on such a small project that meant so much to me.


- Richard C.


The CD shipment actually arrived in Nashville on Saturday, 11/28/09, at the Sort station of USPS at 10:48 p.m. CST. It was delivered to me this afternoon around 3:30 p.m.

After listening to the first CD, I would just like to commend you for the beautiful job you did for me in transferring the older cassettes to CD. I could not be more pleased and certainly will not hesitate to share them with my friends as gifts for the Christmas season.

Thank you for your assistance in not only editing, transferring and duplicating but your timely return of the completed CD's in such good condition.

I shall highly recommend you to friends in "Music City". You could teach some of the folks

here a thing or two!!!

All best wishes,

- Jim B.


These cassettes were record where I played in a piano bar in Montrose, California back in the 70's. I have a handicapped, blind daughter that is my favorite fan, and she loves listening to my boogies from the old days, but the cassettes were wearing out, so you have really come to our rescue in providing high-quality CDs for Paige to listen to now! Many thanks for your excellent service. Your company really puts out quality recordings... I've never sounded so good!!

- Howard P.


The sound on the CD's is great, even so the records were old. Thanks for a very good job well done efficiently and with quick response. We were very happy with the results.

- Carol R.


I just wanted to let you know I received my CD's and what I have played so far has been GREAT. Thank you.

- Tim W.


Received the CD's . Thank you so much for your help. It will be such a nice memory gift for my family.

Thanks again,

- Marilyn P.


Just want to let you know the CD came today. I just played it and it sounds great.

Excellent job transferring my 25 year old cassette tape to CD. Thanks again.

- Art S.


Just arrived. Am playing one of them now. Very very pleased.

Thanks. Happy holidays.

- George G.


Thank you for the transfer job that you did for me. Needless to say, I am MORE than pleased with the outcome and quality of the finished product. This was my first time using your service I wanted to send you one project to do just to see how it would turn out but now I will definitely be sending you more of my cassettes to transfer in the near future.

- Dwight V.


Just to let you know that my wife is very happy with the results of your work. Many thanks from both of us. All the best in the New Year. Cheers!

- Keith L.


Happy holidays Medialocks,

I received the CD today and love it!!

Thank you again for all your help!

- Lynn M.


How great that I got the CDs of my Dad's record before Christmas. Thank you. We are all very pleased. What a good job.

Also, very funny that the check I sent came out exactly to the amount due when I was not given that previously.

Happy New Year! Aren't you lucky to live in beautiful Vancouver.!!!!!!

- Theo I.


I just wanted to pass along my sincere thanks for your outstanding service and excellent product. I recently sent an old cassette tape to be converted to CD format (it was a recording of an interview that I did with my grandfather about 11 years ago concerning his involvement in World War II). He passed away about a month ago, and after finding the tape while I was home for the funeral, I wanted to give copies of the interview to members of my family (especially my father) for Christmas. Despite my sending the tape to you during the busy holiday season, you had everything done and returned to me in plenty of time. The quality of the CD is excellent (thanks for taking out the two minutes of blank space I had left at the beginning!), and I would use MediaLocks again in a heartbeat.

Again, thank you for your assistance, and best wishes for a happy and prosperous new year.


- Cindy T.


Thanks, just received the new CDs-- they're great. Really appreciate your excellent service!


- Anne B.


We have received our CD's made from our cassette tapes and they are absolutely awesome! I cannot believe how well they turned out. You will surely get more business from me.


- Janet B.


Gentlemen: I just received the 4 CD conversions plus the extra CD. Thank you very much!!!.......

I want to express my sincere appreciation for these conversions so well done and recorded. The quality

is excellent. I will recommend your company for these conversions.

- Gene W.


Thank you. It's so nicely done.

- Evelyne N.


Thank you so much for doing such a great job with this tape-to-CD

conversion - I am so happy to have these family records saved! They

sound great - thanks so much again.

- Anna M.


Just played my CD. WOW!!! What a great job you guys did on my old Vinyl record. I am really impressed.. I have some cassette tapes I will be sending you soon.

Thanks again for the work you did.

- Larry M.


I had some cassettes converted to cd and I could not be happier. You did a great job and I'm very pleased. Thanks again

- Ron J. 


I just wanted to let you know I received the cd's and am very pleased with the results. Thank you.Sincerely,

- Janet S.


I really like the cd's you've made for me -- thank you -- will surely give u more business in the future.


- Dianne C

I got my order and was completely pleased. You have an awesome web site and an extremely well run operation. First class job.

I have told friends about your site and I am sure they will be transferring tapes to CD. Thank you for super service. Good luck

in all you do.

- Richard W.


Just played my CD. WOW!!! What a great job you guys did on my old Vinyl record. I am really impressed.. I have some cassette tapes I will be sending you soon.

Thanks again for the work you did.

- Larry M.


I received my CDs today and am VERY pleased. The service was also very good. If anyone I know ever needs something like this I will definately reccommend MediaLocks.


- Carole C.


Thanks,I received the order,it was great,I was able to put it on my mp3 player,I am sending you guys another order off Monday morning, I wish I found you guys a long time ago…


- Rick B.



I just wanted to thank you very much for expediting my order. I received everything back today and am very happy with the product. Thanks again !

- Dennis C.


I received my CDs, perfectly labeled, in the mail yesterday. Thank you so much for making the correction.

It will be my pleasure to recommend Medialocks to my friends here in New York, as many of them want to do the conversions I did, and such services are very expensive here.

You did a great job. Best,

- Debra L.


Received shipment. The audio is wonderful.


- Mary D.


Just want to tell you I received the guys are GREAT!! What a wonderful job you did. Thank you so much.


- Sue B.


I received the discs and they were great as was my first order from you guys,I will be ordering again next week,thanks for your help……

- Rick R.


Thank you very much! I received my CD's-you did a great job and thank you for including the text I requested on the label!

- Jennifer G.


The CD arrived yesterday. I am very pleased with the result and good quality. Thank you very much.

- Vera P.


Received it today -- was really impressed. That record brings back many happy memories.

Thank you,

- Veronica T.


I received my package yesterday and played the CD in my car this morning on the way to work.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love it. I saw your note on the invoice. Thank you for taking the time (I can imagine how long it took) to make it a perfect CD that I will treasure for life.

The songs are perfect. The quality is excellent.

I noticed on the invoice that I did not send you enough to cover the expense. I will put a check in the mail tomorrow for you.

You do fantastic work. Good luck with your business.

Have a wonderful day.

- Suzanne J.


I received my disks and everything turned out great, thank you.

One more quick question - can you all turn a microcassette in to a CD for me?

This is one of the super small tapes I think often times used in transcribing information....

I found one or two that I was going to send to you if so....

Again, many thanks. The CD's are great!

- Cutter C.


Hello, MediaLocks....

Just a note to thank you for a first-class job on converting my recent audio cassette tape to a CD. I can't tell you how happy I am about your excellent service the quality finished package. I hope to use you again in the future.

- Deanna M


I just wanted to let you know that I am extremely satisfied with the service you provided! I will definitely recommend you to anyone needing this type of service.

Thank you so much!!

- Gloria O.


I received my CD yesterday. I can't tell you how pleased I am! A friend had transfered the tape onto CD for me, but I was so disappointed with the results that I sent the tape to you. How amazing it sounds! This was a lullaby tape that I played for my daughter when she was a baby. She is now a Lance Corporal in the Marine Corps. I wanted to convert the tape so she could play it when she has children. Thanks for preserving our memories!!!!

- Lisa S.


I just received my CD’s and want to thank you, it was a pleasure dealing with you. I have passed on your card to a couple of people, hopefully you will get some business from them.

- Janet L.


How Sweet It do business with you. Thank you once again for a superb job on my last order of four CD's from one audio cassette. The recordings are crisp-sounding and your placement and sizing of the "Come Love the Lord" artwork is outstanding. You are a first-class company and it is a pleasure doing business with you. I will certainly use you again in the future and refer my friends to you.

= Deanna M.



Got the CD’s today—so, again and again, merci beaucoup! I have listened to only two of them this afternoon: While they sound silly, they are voices of people close to me, hence very dear sounds even if the words spoken have no particular “historical value!”

Anyway, I am immensely grateful—the decision to expedite my order was quite thoughtful and the waiving of a Rush charge certainly was an elegant gesture on your part. Oui, both responses were deeply appreciated.

I am going to wait until I have listened to all CD’s (a nice way to “occupy” my flight to Paris on the 25th) and then, upon my return (June 10), I shall order additional copies: Already, I know that shall request 3 copies of “Father/Brothers” CD-2 (61:56)—and any other that might be of general interest to my brothers.

Until then,

“Merci again!”

- Anne-Marie F.


We got our music and video DVD's today. You did a great job. We may have more tapes in the future.

- Sallie S.


My order arrived yesterday. All play and look excellent! The artwork is very nice. Thank you for taking care of my property. So glad, I trusted you and your top quality conversion service. I will contact you again in the future for any conversions, I need to be done. Thank you very much.

- Ronnie H


I received the dvds today. Thank you so much. They turned out great. I will definitely recommend you to my friends. Your service was great!


- Vicky T.


Thanks - The 3 CDs came out great!

- Mark W.


Received all my cds today in good condition. Thank you very much for what you have done!

- Thanh


I received the CD's - THANK YOU VERY MUCH - They sound great.

- Chad R.


I got my package today and so far I am very impressed with the quality of my CD's. I will be definitely be using your service from now on.

- Rosa G.

I received my order – you guys did a great job! This afternoon I will be mailing another cassette to be converted to CD. For this one I want a jewel case with track titles... Thanks,

- Sonia V.


Good Job! I was very pleased.

- Margaret R.


Got it....good job... Regards!

- Travor S.


Just wanted you to know that I received the CD's - This was a gift for my husband & he is VERY happy! The quality is great - your price was right - I will definitely recommend you to all my friends & family.

Thx again,

- Anita T.


Received my package today and all is well. Very professional indeed!

Thank you and keep up the GREAT WORK!

- Steve B.


Received my order today. Thanks again for a job well done!

- Sonia J.


Medialocks... want to say thank you for the great job....we just finished listening to the cd's and cannot believe the clarity and tone, better than the cassette tapes... The tapes were from 35 years ago when my wife interviewed my father regarding his past growing up in his days, etc. .dad died 3 years ago, but it is like he is sitting right here talking to us....we loved him so much and want to say you made our day....we'll highly recommend your company to everyone..five stars and more....thanks again

- John K.


The CD turned out great!!! Thanks so much. Great job. Our precious family moment with our Dad, who passed away at a young age - is now preserved on CD! What a blessing!

- Lynn H.


Recieved the disc,it is very good as always...i will send off another order on july 30th.


- Rick C.


Just wanted to send a note of thanks for the service. Quality and speed of delivery of the service were great.

- Robert C.


This is a reply and a confirmation that my order has been returned and I have already enjoyed the music once again. Thank you for taken care of the order in a timly manner.

- Leslie G.


I love the CD's you made for me from my favorite tapes...FABULOUS!!!! I am an aerobic instructor of 20 years...the quality is unbelievable!!! Thank you!

- Barbara P.


My profound thanks Medialocks. I received the old tape and the CD in this afternoon's mail. I appreciate your quick work. I am pleased that it came out with all cuts. Of course, this isn't up to today's standards, but this was an oldie. I wish you could have heard these numbers at the barn dances we played at in North West Oklahoma and the Panhandle, the Texas Panhandle and Southwest Kansas. We really had those beefy German and Czech farmers and their wives stepping along. Once they grew used to the up tempo Alpine rhythm, they used to pack out the dances. Many ladies brought potluck food and it was a great time to play music. Sadly, as all things go, it didn't last forever. Old age and infirmities took their toll and many folks passed on. It was fun all the way. Thank you so much. I will treasure this CD. Sincerely, "Lucky" C. PS I will recommend your company to everyone.

Thank you. I am so pleased with my new CD. Good work!

- Susan H.


Received the CD a few days ago and am VERY pleased with how much you were able to improve the quality from that 20 year old cassette tape. Made some super looking labels to go with those and these will make super Christmas presents for family now. Thanks for helping me save that tape to CD.

- Terry B.


We received our disc and are very pleased, am going to give your site to my kids with lots of stuff! IF they will slow down long enough to take care of it.. thanks so much.

- Mary M.


Thank you, received and have throughly enjoyed listening to my husband's band disc.

- Mary A.


Received your package today...I trust you have the money order by now. A little piece of stamp tore loose and I tried my best to put it back where it should be...hope it didn't delay things. I gave your magnetic card to my computer guy....perhaps it will drum up some business for you.....

Thanks for your good service.

- Dawn K.


Thanks for delivering a good product!!!!!!

- Dan M.


I received the 3 Cds today and am very pleased. They play well in the CD player in my Toyota Prius. I also want to thank you for the third CD--you did an excellent job in alternating the two musical versions. All in all, I am glad I contacted you for this service. You went out of your way to provide me great service. Thanks again.

- LeRoy J.


I just received the CD. It's beautiful!! Listening to her play warms my heart and fills me with memories! She was a beautiful person. You and my Aunt June did great! Thanks ;o) I also have a wedding tape that I will be sending to you soon for conversion to DVD.

Thanks again and God Bless,

- Dena A.


I just want to tell you that the CD's are awesome and exceeded my every expectation. Great job.

- Walter D.


Got the CD, good job, thanks.

- Alex V.


Thank you soooooo much for the CD's and the xtra one.....i really appreciate the work you put into to. It turned out so good. I am so proud of the CD and will treasure it always. I am so thankful for the xtra one too because i forgot about my son who is handicapped...he loved his Uncle Rick and was so happy to get the CD. Thank you again for the amazing job you did. I will highly recommend you for anything else that comes to were very honest and expedited the order oh so fast and efficient.

- Rosemary O.


The CD you did for me of the Tammy Grimes cassette arrived safely and on time for the birthday bash. I played it and it sounds fine. Thank you for the service and courtesy.


- Gene G.


Received my package with the CD’s They look and sound great! Thanks for adding the CD length, that will be helpful.

- Maria H.


Thanks for the good job on the concert boots I received a while back. They sound great and not only will I use your services again, I have told others about you.

Thanks again,

- Marc C.

Wonderful—thank you for such a great service. I used you several years ago and almost forgot your name. Fortunately, I wrote a check and was able to find you again.

- Kathy D.


I just wanted to follow up and let u know that ALL my family members, included my deceased brother's 2 sons, have received the CD's and they absolutely love them....thank u again.......made several of us cry

- Rosemary D.


My wife and I listened to the CD this morning. Everything is good. (Some video tape conversions might be in the near future.)

Many thanks for a great job!

- Richard B.


My husband and I are so very excited about having our all-time favorite cassette. On February 13, 2011 we will be celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the night we met on a blind date. We met on Friday, February 13, 1981. It was love at first sight. We were both 17 yrs old. My husband is 17 days older than me. His is April 9th and mine is April 26, 1963. We lived together for 2 years, while I finished college, and then we were married. During the mid 80's, we were in our 20's, and that is the best time of our lives! We dance sooo many nights to this cassette, and we laughed and just had a blast. I was so elated to find someone that could put our favorite cassette to CD. We are just so excited! Thank you very much for doing what you do!

- Lori M.


Thanks so much for all your wonderful attention and work--I got the box today. Very excited. Will wait to listen to them with the family on Christmas. Thanks for making our holiday so special.

- Emily Y.


Thank you, I really appreciate the extra effort. You guys did a good job. Hope to do business again with you soon.

- Bobby B.


I just wanted you to know I received my order today. It is well beyond my expectations…I cannot think of enough adjectives to describe your work!

Thank you …. Thank you……Thank you……

Very best regards,

- Judy V.


Just wanted to thank you again for your services. The two CDs turned out much better than I had expected – especially given the condition of the tapes.

Thanks again!

- Tim J.


I wanted to let you know that the CD arrived today, thank you so much! It sounds wonderful, just like my dad. Thank you for your assistance in getting the tape transferred.


- Marcia P.


Just wanted to get back to you to tell you what a great job you did with the 2 old dixieland lp's I sent you. They are now preserved "forever" and my friends and I are enjoying listening to the group once again. You really eliminated 99% of the scratches and other debris. I plan to send some more things to you in the future. Thanks again.

- Ron B.


I just received the CD that you created from my old cassette of my Daddy singing in 1952. He passed away in 1985 and this is the first time I have been able to hear his voice clearly in a long, long time. He had cancer of the throat and had to have his larynx removed in 1980. You were able to clear up most of the background noise and I think that is a miracle. It was recorded in an old "dive" and the acostics weren't the best. He recorded this on an old 78 record and I taped it onto this cassette in about 1986. With all the transitions, I really am amazed at the quality. Now, it's almost like having him with me again.

Again, thank you.

- Sandra D.


Got the Sinatra tapes and cd no problem. Thanks so much for all your help. I don't think they were played very much which accounts for the fact that none were damaged or in need of repair. Your service was great and I'll absolutely use you again. Please use me as a reference if anyone ever needs one.

- Scott N.


I have received the CD and my original tape. Thank you so much for the prompt and safe transfer of the information. I look forward to recommending others about you and your services.

- Paul A


Thank you for the excellent conversions - again! The LP to CD - The Exciting

Dana Valery is such an outstanding album. And, the Ed Sullivan cassette tape to

CD makes those two song selections available now to mix in with all my other

music. They started and ended at just the right time. I edited it just right or

perhaps since it was only ten minutes on that portion of the tape, you may have

made the necessay changes. either way - it's just what I wanted! Thank you and

your staff for your real talent at conversions. I may see you again in the


- Ronnie H.


I just want to say THANK YOU!! I have had these personal albums for 40 years and have been unable to listen to them for at least 20 years! What a wonderful trip down memory lane, and it was because of the service you so professionally provided for me! I am forever in your debt!


- Wendy J. M.


Thanks so much. the conversion sounds grate and its been 25 years since I've heard that stuff. Today I mailed off five audio cassettes for my boss; they are tapes that were in his mother's possession. See what you can do with them and let me know if you have any questions or problems. Thanks, Christopher D. Thank you for your wonderful work! When I can,I will send another order.

- Jeanette R.


Got the CDs ………..GREAT JOB !!!

- Jim P.


May have another converting and old bad tracking VHS to DVD but that’s not for today.

Once again Thanks

- Bill Z


I wanted to write you and tell you how happy we are with the quality of your work. It really is a pleasure doing business with such great professionals that provide quality work. You can be certain that I will be in contact with you again for more transfers. Further, I am sharing the name of your company with those I meet. Thanks again from our family to yours.

- Frank M.


Hello- Received everything. All in good order. Big thank you.

- Don K.


Hi, I received my order yesterday. I have to tell you how very pleased I am with the cd that you transferred from my cassette tape. It meant a lot to be able to listen to the music from my daughters first holy communion after so many years! She made her communion in 1999 and having this music in cd form will allow me to treasure it for many years. What a wonderful service you provide! I will definitely use your services again if the need arises and tell anyone looking for this service to contact you. Thank you and have a great day!

- Gail L


I just wanted you to know that I received my order on 6-29-11 and it played and sounded great thank you and I hope we can do more business in future

- William R.


Received the CD yesterday. Want to tell you how impressed I have been with your service.

- Richard K.


Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did on my cassette tape to cd conversion--invoice #59706- it exceeded my expectations- Thanks, again—

- Lynn L.


Dear James -- thank you so much! The cd is very good quality and I love having it again - now, it's on to losing 25 lbs.!!! i have more tapes I'd like to send. Thank you again. you made my day!!!

- Lucinda K.


I just want to say once again thank you for an excellent job!!! I would very much recommend your services to all who would need it!!! Thanks again.

- Joyce B.


I received the CD with the transferred wedding from cassette. It was very satisfactory.

- Elroy K.

Hello, Sorry it took so long for me to let you know the CD's arrived, and they sound fine. Thank you for the efficient, professional service.

Truly yours,

- Carol M


I got my CD's this week and I can't tell you what a treat it was to be able to hear my Dad's voice and songs again! They were like a treasure that had been locked away in a safe deposit box for 36 years. And, even when we discovered them, they were STILL "locked away" in the obsolete medium of an 8-track tape. We wondered HOW??? would we ever be able to play them?

- Jonathon O.


Thank you SO much for making it possible to rediscover my Dad's music after so many years. I really cannot find the words to express my gratitude! A million-gazillion-googles of "THANKS!"

- Jill T. :-)

P.S. Thanks for including the 1970's artwork on the CD label!


Package for recent order was received today--mush sooner that I expected! You did a fine job again and I am very pleased.

I trust the amount on the check I sent was correct.

Thanks again for the good job!

- Brenda B.


just thought I'd let you know my order arrived today and everything looked and sounded great.

Thanks so much

- Joyce J.


I received my new CDs yesterday and the bonus. Thank you so much for your kindness. That was a very nice thing to do and I will certainly be telling others about Medialocks and your fine service. There are several of us at church that have a library of old cassettes that are not available on CD.

Have a blessed day,

- Kathryn R.


Have received the recent order. Thank you again for the promptness and a job well done! Also thanks again for the price break!


- Lucy B. Lifeline Ministries


I recently received my order of 3 cassettes converted to CD (invoice # 198621). I just wanted to say thank you for a super job! The CDs turned out much better than I expected. Two of the casettes were poor quality recordings to begin with, and one of them, I suspect, had been left on a car dashboard in the sun. Somehow you managed to get most of the "wave" out of it.

Thanks again.

- Frank H


Thanks very much, you folks did a great job on the cassette tapes..sounds like the originals..I'll be sending you a bunch more in the next week or so...

The Memories they hold are close to me...

Take care...and again, well done!!

- George L.


Thank you so much for taking the time to review the tapes. No, I don’t want them and really appreciate that you aren’t going to charge me. I promise to use your company and refer you whenever possible. If you had some business cards, I’d be happy to share them given the right opportunity.

Thank you again,

- Brenda B.


thanks! so excited!!! it has been a pleasure doing business with you.

- Sandra P..


I received my two LP-to-CD conversions yesterday, and just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying them. They're Christmas records

from my childhood, found in my mother's house after she passed away, and hearing them again surrounds me with memories of wonderful

Christmases past. Thank you so much for your excellent work and prompt, professional service.

- Devon S.


Just wanted to send you a note that I received my converted VHS to DVD and you did a beautiful job, since this one was very special to me since it was my Mom's last year with us.

Thank you so much !!!!

- Helen M.

Just got my recent order - those old Christmas records of mine never sounded so good. Thanks for another teriffic job!

- John M.


I just got the CDs, and you did a fantastic job! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Angela P.


Deeeelighted with your work which was recd. yesterday.

I shall keep your website in the event we need further work done. Again,

thank you.

- Doris R.


They arrived on Monday and are wonderful! Wow, they sound so good. My children will be so surprised! Thank you for helping me make their Christmas extra special with such a great gift.


- Anne P.


Dear MediaLocks Staff:

My 90 year old dad received the CDs of old music that you copied from cassettes. He cannot be more happy with the finished product! Thanks so very much. He really believed all this music was lost forever and now he can’t wait to get it onto his iPod. In the meantime he is playing the CDs on his Bose and, in his words, “grooving”.

Do you provide the same service for videotape? If so, please let me know.

Again, thanks for doing a great job!

- Paula K.


Dear Jim (if i remember correctly),

I had to write to THANK YOU so very much for an unexpected Christmas gift. My name is Shawnda and your company converted some old tapes to CD; one of the tapes was too long for one CD. I did not have the money for the entire tape to be converted to 2 CDs and had settled for as much as you could get on one CD. I opened the package this morning (this was a Christmas gift from my parents) to find that you had recorded the entire thing and sent it to me. Your generosity brought tears to my eyes. I never expected such a wonderful gift from a stranger; it made my heart sing! I cannot thank you enough for restoring those songs, that music from so long ago to me. I pray that God will richly bless you and the company.

- Shawnda R.


I got the record and cd. Thanks for a Splendid Work of Transferring. More transfers coming.

I'll spread the good news about your company.Cheers to All.

- Protacio L.


Received our CDs and 8-track back just today. Out Triple-Standing! 8.5 out of a possible 10 far exceeded our fondest hopes!!! A brand new

and great sounding CD from a 45 year old 8-track tape ... terrific! Thank you too for your honesty. No repair necessary to our cartridge.

We will surly be using that $8. credit soon. (have approx a hundred-plus 8-tracks around the house, not to mention cassettes and many old LPs.

Appreciate your very fine work, and, your exceptional service!!!


- Tom M.


We just wanted to take a moment to let you know how EXTREMELY pleased we are with the CD's we received yesterday of our cassette tapes to CD's transfer of beginner guitar lessons.

You went above and beyond on the transfer, and we appreciate the extra CD with no additional cost.

We listened to the tapes, and then to the CD's and we were highly impressed at the clarity and sound!

We will DEFINITELY refer you to everyone we know that needs this service, and will absolutely contact you again if we have a need!

Thank-you again for the promptness of the return and the extra's you gave us!



- Steven E and Barbara J


I cant tell you how grateful I am to all of you who fixed my tape. It is of my dad singing and playing with his group of friends a while back. My dad is no longer able to sing so too have this renewed and to hear his voice again brought tear of joy to my eyes I will be eternally grateful thank you so much.

- Lori H.

Thank you James! received the 2 CDs yesterday. Played the first one in the Mustang without any negative feedback. We now have "our song" in both of our cars thanx to you.

Looking forward to doing more business with you and your company as well as sharing the news with all my other old 8-trackers at upcoming car shows.

Blessings on your day,

- Tom M.


Thank you for the excellent service! I got my cassette to CD in the mail yesterday and it sounds great, especially since it was recorded on a mini-tape recorder in 1988. Thank you again.

- Bronwen R.


I just want to say that I thought you did a terrific job. I fully appreciate how much work was involved.

Thank you again

- Jesse L.


Thank you!

The CDs arrived today. I knew in advance that the sound was bad because it was recorded more than 25 years ago with a little tape recorder in a school gym during a rare thunderstorm. That said, my wife is the soprano in the performance and we wanted to preserve it on CD knowing that the tape will someday tear or we may not have anything to play it on.

Thanks again!

- Jerry T.


I received the transcription to CD and started listening last night. They are excellent. The previous transcription from a tape that I had for years was miserable and I thought there was no hope, especially since this replacement tape you used was from a library. How you did it I do not know, but you did. I knew right away, for the opening scene has the characters on the ramparts with the sea crashing in the background, so if one can hear and understand the dialogue on the first scene, one knows all will be well. Thanks again,

- Al M.

PS: you are welcome to use this note as a testimonial.


CD's arrived - thank you so much. Your prompt reply is appreciated. I played one of the CDs and it sounded great. Thanks again. KG

Hey Guys - - This is your Philly connection getting back to you -You did a great job. can't thank you enough. I have other cassettes to be converted and cleaned of pops and background noises. will send them soon, thanks again.

- Louis S.


Thanks for transferring my cassettes to CD – sounds great – watch for more media coming your way – thanks again.

- Joe M.


I received my order yesterday . I have played the CD's, and they sound GREAT !! Should I decide to have more cassette tapes transferred to CD, I'll certainly know where to send them ! Thank You, James A. G.

Thank you so arrived and is terrific.

- RB


I got the CD that you made for me the other day-- thank you! I had given up ever being able to hear that version of Pachelbel's Canon without a record player. My record did have some needle noise, and the record was not separated into tracks, but your CD came out beautifully. I am probably wearing out Track 2 on the CD the same way that I wore out that part of the record, but it is so great to have that music again.

Great Job! Thanks.

- Linda K.


I received the order today. It arrived in perfect shape. Thank you.

- Leslie W.


Great job, as always! You really do phenomenal work! I only wish I had a larger order to send. I'll keep working on that!

- Gerrit L.


Received the CDs. Thank you for your service.

- Dave B.


Just received the Cassette that you transferred to A CD. It sounds really good. I will be sending you more.


- Ken G


Received the CD's yesterday. Thanks for a great job and prompt service!! I have had these tapes for a long time and never thought they could be brought back to life!!!

- Jerry C


Just needed to drop you an email about another terrific job on the recordings. Just a question. Do you transfer VCR home movies to DVD's? And if so what is your price?

thank you,

- Ron P


MediaLocks, I gave you one new Vinyl recording and two very old worn out ones. Your expertise turned them all into works of art in the CD format. We can't tell the difference. When, I presented my friend the Louie Prima Live at the Saraha CD, you'd have thought I gave him a thousand dollar bill! He had watched the show there often as a young man and told me about it many years ago. Thanks!! I'll keep hunting for the others I want converted to CD and bring them to you when I do. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone.

Thanks, again

- Chuck W.


Thanks for the great job you did on the transfer from cassette to CD

(Boston Subway Band)

My only regret is that I should have ordered more copies which I will do

shortly. Also for you to keep it in your files for future transfer. Will do it

with next order.

Thanks again....will send an order very soon. Shall I send the cassette

or the CD you made?

- Nick G.


The copies arrived .... I played them .... and continue to play them .....

THANK YOU for the BEAUTIFUL JOB you did for me ! ... brought back many, many fond memories ...


- Ron M.


This is to let you know I received my order of CD's on Monday. The talking sounds good on the CD's and it seems everything was transferred from the cassettes as I had hoped it would be.

Thank you so much for your services. You did good.

- Emadean F.


Thank you so much medialocks for the great job you have done for me. it was such a joy to hear my daddy play the guitar and sing from 42 years ago. i will highly recommend any business i can your way. this has brought a lot of happiness to me and my family. thank you so very much and god bless you in all ways.

- Marie s


Got the CD today titled "Old Time Favorites" and I am so impressed with the quality of the job done. Can I re-order duplicate copy (1 ea.) of this CD with "Track Separations" so I can easily locate the songs? if so,how much would it cost me to have this CD?


- Edgar P.


Thank you so much for your good and honest company. I am very satisfied with what you did to my tapes to cd's.


- Rose D.


I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the audio tapes you transferred to CDs. The end result far exceeded my expectations, thanks to the extra effort by James. They were tapes I recorded myself from various sources, not all good quality sound to begin with. Plus, I had never done this before and had no idea what I was doing. All I had hoped for was that you would just play them straight through and record onto CD's. I certainly didn't expect the great editing job. I will certainly recommend you in the future and plan to write a good web site review.

- Winford S.


I was very happy to find your service. A favorite cassette tape of mine was not available on itunes, and copies of the cd for sale on Amazon were either very expensive or from dubious sources. I just uploaded the new cd into my computer and downloaded it into my phone—just where I wanted it! I will certainly recommend your company to anyone else who needs such a music transfer.

- Mary Ann H.


Wanted you to know, the CD's sound great! Thanks for a job well done. I wll be contacting you in the future!

- Regina C.


Hey, Medialocks, I got my CD's yesterday, WOW great job, I am very impressed with the quality and sound, I have 9 more cassettes, so you see them soon. Thanks again.

- Steve L.

I did not understand the technology involved when I sent my cassette to be copied.

I really appreciate the extra effort on my behalf. I love the CD. It is

wonderful quality and has saved some cherished moments for me. Thank you!


- Terry O.


I send my apologies this morning. I was listening to the cd last night on my drive home and realized what happened. The last two songs on side one are both Willie Nelson tunes, and there is not a clear break in the song but musical interlude joining the two of them. The case has them listed separately, and when we cruised through the tracks it appeared as though a song was missing.

My apologies and thanks for the great job you did. The recording level was good and we think it will be just right on the bike.

Thanks again.

- Debi H.


MediaLocks, awesome job!!!! The video cover with the class of 85" came out great!


I received my order from you and I want to thank you very sounds great!


- Ginny O.


Received the disc, good job!

- Don T.


you guys are great and I'll keep you on my saved services list... I might have more need in the future -- prices are reasonable and your service is great!!!!

Thanks much

- Manny E.


Hey MediaLocks…I got the discs…you guys did a great job…they sound very good on my player..Thanks

- Rick D.


Thanks ... you guys did a great job

- Danny S.


Appreciation for a job well done is often left unsaid, so I wanted to make sure it wasn't forgotten this time. We often think that you are just suppose to do your job when your services are requested, but I do realize that you had to have spent a great deal of time converting my dad's old cassette to CD and I can't say enough.

We had no idea what was even on the old cassette tape and so you can only imagine how we felt as we listened to my dad play on his guitar and sing. This is absolutely priceless!

So James, a very heart filled thanks for all you hard work for bring us back many memories. Your EXTRA work is greatly appreciated and so are you!


- Connie M. W.


Hello James,

We received the dvd's today. I cannot tell you how pleased we are with your work. I did not expect you to edit those "oops" moments and am thankful that you did. I didn't feel I could ask you to do so. Thank you.

I will shortly send 18 more tapes from video cams. The oldest are analog and then we go to digital although I am not sure where this starts. It's to give you a heads up that there is a difference.. .

Again, I am most grateful for your VERY prompt and excellent service.

- Rita R


Hi, I received the cds and love them. Fantastic job once again. I will send more tapes soon.

- Regina C.






I have received the CD and it is wonderful! Thank you so much for doing such a great job and you were so very quick with your turnaround! I will enjoy this for many more years.

- Carol B.


Your package arrive safely, and the CD’s look and sound great. Thank you, and we’ll do it again.

Best regards,

- Keith E. D.

Received safe and sound. Thank you so much

- Toni F.


I received my cd's and just wanted to tell you how pleased I was with the quality of sound . You did a great job. Thank you

- Marie W.


The CDs arrived and they sound great. Thanks for all you did to keep it on a single CD, it worked our great.

- Elayne S.


Thank you, order received. Appreciate your service and will use again,

- Martha F.


I was very pleased with the results of my order! Thank you!

I am sending you tonight:


I would like the VHS TAPES transferred on to DVD’s…1 COPY!

I would like one copy made of EACH DVD

- Steven L.


I have received the CDs and Videos you made for me.

A big thank you for the good work. Also thank you for the extra tracks you added

to the Ray Parker CD, that was very nice of you. I have friends of my age with old VHS and

cassettes and I will definitely recommend them to you.


- Susan P.


Just wanted to say I got the cds back that you converted from cassette. They sound great! Thanks a ton for helping me preserve my music, excellent work. And at a great price!

- Benjamin M.


Just wanted to thank you for the awesome job you did on converting my VHS tapes to DVD. I received them on Saturday and watched them that night. You did a great job and the price was very reasonable also. I have already recommended you to a couple different people and will continue doing so. Keep up the great work.

- John H


Just a short note to let you know that I received my 10 CD's and my cassette yesterday. Everything seems to be O.K. and if I need any more work done, I'll surely keep you in mind,


- Jon T.


Hi Medialocks, got my CD' guys ROCK!! The sound quality is great, no hissing tape noise, no worrying about a tape breaking, just great CD's! Worth every penny!

Thanks again,

- Beth P.


The package has arrived. My wife played the Paul Horn CD immediately and said "Wow, what an impressive job". And it was a good job well done.


- Greg


I received my cd's today. You did a wonderful job! Thanks for doing this for me. I would definitely recommend you to any of my friends who are in need of your services. Thanks again for a good job. If you did this one, you can do anything! Take Care,

- Barbara K.

Let me thank you for a most professional job. The CDs are highly acceptable.

Thanks again


- Frank F.


Just want to thank you for the great job and emails.

God bless,

- Krista L.




- MOE R.


Recently you did the ATM Blues for me. Very satisfied.

- George C.


I want to thank you for the great service you offer. When you had questions about what I sent for transfer, you took your time to call and verify the instructions I gave. I so appreciated that. I have now, because of your service, been able to preserve on cd memories recorded on cassettes that I could no longer use (does anyone even own a cassette player anymore?). Thank you again so much.

- Linda W, G.


Thanks for your email...Will call today with payment info! I will gladly refer you to anyone I know of that's looking to have this kind of service in the future for them! MediaLocks is a company that can be trusted to be courteous, professional as well as knowledgeable

- Jim R.


Received the cds today and have been enjoying them already. I could not let any more time go by with out saying Thank you! You did a marvelous job with these; I am so grateful as it is evident you put your heart into your work. Hopefully, you have received the second check; I have yet to get the final payment out to you; sorry it has taken so long. Thank you so very much; God bless you. 

- Linda F.


I got the new 8 CD's and really appreciate it. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Thank you,

- Kathy S.


I received my CD's and they are really great. Thank you so much.

- Gwendoline K.


Hi, Medialocks...another great job! The DVD is wonderful. Thanks!!! Now maybe we can watch the family movie without dying from boredom!

Cindy G.


Dear Medialocks, I received the CD today. The CD is just perfect. No scratches - I couldn't ask for any better. I wish you the very best in your continued work. 

God bless,

- Sr. Pauline


Great job on all the reproductions you did for me, I'm thrilled & delighted. I'm hoping you still have the the DVD you transferred for me from VHS. I think you said you keep them for about 4 weeks. If so, I like to order 3 more copies.

If you have my debit card on file, please charge it to my account. Thanks.

- Mel T.


Hey medialocks, you did a fantastic job. the sound quality is great, thank you so much!

- Randy S.


Medialocks, i'm an old duffer now, but those tapes were performance tapes, as i'm sure you guessed, for our vermont marionette company, "the wildwood marionettes." i hand carved the 3' figures out of native hardwoods and we toured new england for close to 30 years. you have done a great job preserving our work. it's always great dealing with quality people who don't procrastinate. there are fewer and fewer of you out there as time goes on. a real pleasure. thank you so much!!

- Paul M.


I received my order on Friday. Great job, thank you so much.

- Susan M.


I received the CD's today. They look really nice. I have listened to the CD made from the microcassette when our daughter was in Papua, New Guinea. And I have listened to the Petri/Tate wedding CD. They are great. The CD's are going to be a nice Christmas surprise for my daughters. Thank you for your getting them done so quickly.

- Joan P.


Thank you so much for your certainly go above and beyond the call of duty. Rest assured, I will be a returning customer.

- Michelle L.


I recently had a cassette tape converted into CDs by you. You were very prompt in performing the task and a person who called me with a question was very friendly and polite. However, the bottom line was that an album by Kenny Burrell, released in 1962, was made available again for me to enjoy. I originally had it on reel-to-reel tape, which became warped and unplayable, then on cassette, which like reel-to-reel became essentially obsolete when my cassette player in my home quit working and the vehicles I owned with cassette players either stopped working too or were traded off. The Burrell album never became available on CD, because I checked frequently, and otherwise the music would have been lost to me forever.

Thank you so much. Sincerely,

- Merle J.


Dear Medialocks, Just received our CD's with the Christmas Wishes music. Thank you so much. They are beautiful. Can't wait until our boys come home from college and we play them on our way to Christmas at Grandma's. What a surprise it will be, as it has been several years since they have heard them and we always comment how much we miss the special Christmas music that we have listened to since they were babies. Thanks again for the great job. Many blessings to you and yours.

- Susan S.


Thank you very much for expediting the conversion of the album and cassette last week. Everything sounded great!

I sincerely appreciate your efforts and will recommend you to others.


- Loren M.


Medialocks, we couldn't be more satisfied with you work on this conversion. The sound is so clear, the channels so separated, just wonderful.

Thank you for the good work.

- Bill B.


Thanks for converting my 1958 LP of Richard Burton reading the Love Poems of John Donne into a CD. The sound is great and the jewell boxes beautiful.

- Ed C


Keep forgetting to thank you for a wonderful Christmas. My mother loved the tapes, and hearing my father and me together on tape was a

huge blessing. My mother is going to search for more tapes. I just wanted to thank you. It meant a lot!

- DeAnn O.


Hello! Thank you for the wonderful service. I love the cds, they sound great! The cassettes were very sentimental to me, and I can't tell you how amazing it is to hear those voices again after all these years.

Thanks again,

- Mika R.


I just wanted to let you know that my CD's arrived. I listened to them and I am very pleased with the job you did. They were old and taped outside so there is a lot of misc. noise on them that you could not take out. What you gave me is wonderful, just hearing my Dad's voice again, I can't thank you enough.

Thank you,

- Kathy W.

Dear Medialocks, I cannot begin to express my joy and appreciation after listening to my CD tonight. Mom died on Monday and, in planning her service, we now have her voice forever. The professional CD with track numbers will make it so smooth for the sound man to play the proper song at the proper time. The family and congregation will be blown away with Mom singing at her own memorial service. What a treasure this is.

Thank You so very much,

- Peggy T.



Thank you for the good sound quality that you provided. I am enjoying the work you do.

- Kim M.


Thanks medialocks, i received the CD. Very happy. Will send you more to convert.

Thanks again

- Charles T


Hi, Medialocks. We had to go out of town, but the package was here when we arrived home. Great job…and thanks so much for doing the extras for my mother. She’s so happy she can find her stories! She and my dad love reliving “old times” through these stories.

Have a great St. Paddy’s Day!

- Margarete O.


Received my package today. I had not held out any hopes for that 78 record. It probably kicked around Mom's closet for 70 years but thank you. I've only listened to one other CD so far and it's great.

Thank you, again, for the wonderful service you provide so that we might maintain an audio/visual history for our families. Sincerely,

- Peggy H.


Just a quick note to say thank you for the outstanding transformation of our LP’s to Cd’s. When I sent these LP’s to you I never thought any one could salvage the recordings the way you did. The records were in terrible condition but they were 44 years old and in the basement for the past 30 years plus. These High School recordings were irreplaceable and when you are young you don’t think of keeping them in good shape. Whoever thought we would enjoy listening to our High School chorus later on in life. When you get our age it is nice to bring back a few good memories and that is what you did. If you could have only seen the look on my wife’s face when she played them for the first time in over forty years. I truly feel you worked a miracle and I can not say enough about what you did to bring back these old recordings to new again. From the two of us, Thank you ,Thank you !!!!!

- Fred D.