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I did not understand the technology involved when I sent my cassette to be copied.

I really appreciate the extra effort on my behalf. I love the CD. It is

wonderful quality and has saved some cherished moments for me. Thank you!


- Terry O.


I send my apologies this morning. I was listening to the cd last night on my drive home and realized what happened. The last two songs on side one are both Willie Nelson tunes, and there is not a clear break in the song but musical interlude joining the two of them. The case has them listed separately, and when we cruised through the tracks it appeared as though a song was missing.

My apologies and thanks for the great job you did. The recording level was good and we think it will be just right on the bike.

Thanks again.

- Debi H.


MediaLocks, awesome job!!!! The video cover with the class of 85" came out great!


I received my order from you and I want to thank you very sounds great!


- Ginny O.


Received the disc, good job!

- Don T.


you guys are great and I'll keep you on my saved services list... I might have more need in the future -- prices are reasonable and your service is great!!!!

Thanks much

- Manny E.


Hey MediaLocks…I got the discs…you guys did a great job…they sound very good on my player..Thanks

- Rick D.


Thanks ... you guys did a great job

- Danny S.


Appreciation for a job well done is often left unsaid, so I wanted to make sure it wasn't forgotten this time. We often think that you are just suppose to do your job when your services are requested, but I do realize that you had to have spent a great deal of time converting my dad's old cassette to CD and I can't say enough.

We had no idea what was even on the old cassette tape and so you can only imagine how we felt as we listened to my dad play on his guitar and sing. This is absolutely priceless!

So James, a very heart filled thanks for all you hard work for bring us back many memories. Your EXTRA work is greatly appreciated and so are you!


- Connie M. W.


Hello James,

We received the dvd's today. I cannot tell you how pleased we are with your work. I did not expect you to edit those "oops" moments and am thankful that you did. I didn't feel I could ask you to do so. Thank you.

I will shortly send 18 more tapes from video cams. The oldest are analog and then we go to digital although I am not sure where this starts. It's to give you a heads up that there is a difference.. .

Again, I am most grateful for your VERY prompt and excellent service.

- Rita R


Hi, I received the cds and love them. Fantastic job once again. I will send more tapes soon.

- Regina C.






I have received the CD and it is wonderful! Thank you so much for doing such a great job and you were so very quick with your turnaround! I will enjoy this for many more years.

- Carol B.


Your package arrive safely, and the CD’s look and sound great. Thank you, and we’ll do it again.

Best regards,

- Keith E. D.

Received safe and sound. Thank you so much

- Toni F.


I received my cd's and just wanted to tell you how pleased I was with the quality of sound . You did a great job. Thank you

- Marie W.


The CDs arrived and they sound great. Thanks for all you did to keep it on a single CD, it worked our great.

- Elayne S.


Thank you, order received. Appreciate your service and will use again,

- Martha F.


I was very pleased with the results of my order! Thank you!

I am sending you tonight:


I would like the VHS TAPES transferred on to DVD’s…1 COPY!

I would like one copy made of EACH DVD

- Steven L.


I have received the CDs and Videos you made for me.

A big thank you for the good work. Also thank you for the extra tracks you added

to the Ray Parker CD, that was very nice of you. I have friends of my age with old VHS and

cassettes and I will definitely recommend them to you.


- Susan P.


Just wanted to say I got the cds back that you converted from cassette. They sound great! Thanks a ton for helping me preserve my music, excellent work. And at a great price!

- Benjamin M.


Just wanted to thank you for the awesome job you did on converting my VHS tapes to DVD. I received them on Saturday and watched them that night. You did a great job and the price was very reasonable also. I have already recommended you to a couple different people and will continue doing so. Keep up the great work.

- John H


Just a short note to let you know that I received my 10 CD's and my cassette yesterday. Everything seems to be O.K. and if I need any more work done, I'll surely keep you in mind,


- Jon T.


Hi Medialocks, got my CD' guys ROCK!! The sound quality is great, no hissing tape noise, no worrying about a tape breaking, just great CD's! Worth every penny!

Thanks again,

- Beth P.


The package has arrived. My wife played the Paul Horn CD immediately and said "Wow, what an impressive job". And it was a good job well done.


- Greg


I received my cd's today. You did a wonderful job! Thanks for doing this

for me. I would definitely recommend you to any of my friends who are in

need of your services. Thanks again for a good job. If you did this one,

you can do anything! Take Care,

- Barbara K.

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