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I just wanted to let you know that the cd came today, and it is absolutely perfect!!!!! In spite of the tiny glitch that we encountered at first, you took care of it quickly and efficiently, and I can't tell you how pleased I am with the care, service, and quality of the transaction and the cd. I am so happy that I can now listen to this music and not worry if the 'tape will break' and it would be the last time I would ever hear my wonderful friends. Thank you so much for your quality service, and your attention to the problem that we encountered. I will recommend you to all and everyone I know

- Janet S.






The cds sound great just outstanding and I do mean outstanding thank you!

- Gloria H.


I love every one of them you know the stuff i'v sent an sending have never seen the light on a cd ever . an a lot of it is really rare an have been out of print a long time ago. you do such a great job on transferring . will be sending more soon as i can pack them up got them picked out here. thank you again

- Phil J.


The order arrived today. Everything that I have listened to after coming home is reproduced exceedingly well. Thanks for a great job at a reasonable price!

- Richard K.


CDs sound great! Thanks for helping me continue my yoga practice!!

Blessed thanksgiving,

- D. Kim


Thank you very much for preserving precious memories we can continue to enjoy. Impeccable service!

- Michal G


HI, James............the cd's arrived today and they are perfect.........thanks so much for doing such a fantastic job..........I will never, ever use anyone else to make cd's for very pleased!!!!

- Barb K.


Thank you, Medialocks! The CDs came out great. Another nice job. I will talk to you in a couple of years for the next batch. Enjoy the holidays.

- Bobby M.


Hi, Made it back from Florida and my CDs were waiting for me. It must drive you crazy to listen to ALL types of music....the crap I had was recorded off a radio (and not very well) more than 17 years ago! But THANKS to you, I can enjoy for many more years! You did a great job with what I gave you. Thanks so Much

Happy Holidays,

- Bea S.


Received the LP and CD today. Played the CD and its sounds great. You did a fine job.The LP dates to 1965 and records the music of a band I played in. Thanks

- Ron J.


Thank you Medialocks, I just returned from visiting my daughter and her family and the package was waiting for me. I greatly appreciate all the hours you and probably others put into making these cd's as good as is possible. Now they are all done, and I have them for future use.

Thank you again,

- Carol C.


Hi, I received my CD's today and was very pleased. You did a fantastic job with what you had to work with. I am really satisfied! The way you did the picture, wording, etc. was really great and I sincerely appreciate you working with all that crappy tape quality. I am thinking of doing another sometime in the future and will try to make it a little better.  Thank you,

- Al L.


Got it. Very nice. thank you.

- Mary Z.


Thank you SO much for sending a great product in a timely manner. I appreciate that! I sent the cassette for Joy S. and she has received the CD and is very pleased with it.

- Arlene B


Wanted to tell you how much I appreciated you converting the 8 track tape. Great to hear my parents voice again!

Happy Holidays

Thank You

- Kenny S.


The CD of Billy arrived Christmas eve, and we couldn't have asked for a better gift. The years melted away listening to his young voice. Irene and I loved it, although candor compels me to acknowledge that Billy found it less than enthralling (maybe in 30 years his views will change!)

Anyhow, my wife and I could not be happier with your service. The price you charged was quite fair, the turnaround time was exceptionally good, and we are extremely satisfied with your work.

Thanks again,

- Lenny L.


Thank you so much for doing such a great job with my order! It is such a gift to be able to have my parents voices on CD now to last forever. I know my brothers will love it when I get it to them.

Thanks again so much for your great service. Hope you had a wonderful holiday!


- Kelly F.


I gave my sister the cd you made and she loved it! I definitely enjoyed your service and I made her Christmas! Thank you for the wonderful service! The CDs were great!!

Thank you and I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

- Brooke M.


Thank you for the 2 cd's. I am very happy with this transaction. I will be doing business with you again!!

Warm Regards,

- Claire B.


My CD and cassette arrived today. I am very pleased with your work and promptness. Great job!

I will be sending more.

Thank you.

- Rita A


I am absolutely thrilled! I love the clarity, the fact that you were able to discern most of the track separations, and also that the "Happy Birthday Jesus" that is always sung by about a 5 year old is much louder now - I used to have to turn up the volume a little for that one...thanks so much!!! I can promise that I will recommend your company to anyone I hear requiring similar services - thanks again!Most sincerely,

- Jan H.


Hello MediaLocks,

I relieved my order to convert 2 cassette tapes over to 2 CDs. I'm extremely pleased with the fast, professional services provided. The CDs are of excellent quality and now I will have the memory of my brothers memorial services for years to come. Your company has delivered all you promised. I will recommend your company to anyone looking for your type of service. 

Very satisfied customer.

- Sandy S.


I received the shipment of cd and cassette tapes I had ordered from your company yesterday. I played the new cds and was very pleased with them. Thank you for the good conversion work and efficient shipment on this order. Hearing once more the music performed by my nephew all those years ago brought back many good memories. Especially amusing to me was that while he was playing many favorite folk songs, I could hear myself and other family members singing along to the music. One of the copies you created I intend to send along to him and I'm positive he will be astonished and amused to hear again his concerts of so long ago.

With the shipment, you also enclosed a statement with the order that showed I had a credit balance of $2.40, apparently I had submitted an over-payment when I sent in the original order. Do not be concerned about the $2.40 , I consider the money well spent as I am quite satisfied by the quality of Medialocks work. 

Have a fine day.

- Ellen O.


I received my CD today!

Thank you so much for all your assistance and excellent service!

Best regards,

- Gemma B.


Hey, I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my tape to CD conversion. The sound is great and it looks fantastic. This is a part of my "Bucket List" as I am getting up there. I'm not ready yet but I wanted to leave a little something. I made a tape with my digital piano hooked up to a recorder, not an ideal way to do it but you guys took it and went way ahead of my expectations. My very sincere thanks and appreciation,

- Al L.


I received my CD order today. Thanks for another job well done!

Best Wishes,

- James G.

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