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Hello, Sorry it took so long for me to let you know the CD's arrived, and they sound fine. Thank you for the efficient, professional service.

Truly yours,

- Carol M


I got my CD's this week and I can't tell you what a treat it was to be able to hear my Dad's voice and songs again! They were like a treasure that had been locked away in a safe deposit box for 36 years. And, even when we discovered them, they were STILL "locked away" in the obsolete medium of an 8-track tape. We wondered HOW??? would we ever be able to play them?

Jonathon O.


Thank you SO much for making it possible to rediscover my Dad's music after so many years. I really cannot find the words to express my gratitude! A million-gazillion-googles of "THANKS!"

- Jill T. :-)

P.S. Thanks for including the 1970's artwork on the CD label!


Package for recent order was received today--mush sooner that I expected! You did a fine job again and I am very pleased.

I trust the amount on the check I sent was correct.

Thanks again for the good job!

- Brenda B.


just thought I'd let you know my order arrived today and everything looked and sounded great.

Thanks so much

- Joyce J.


I received my new CDs yesterday and the bonus. Thank you so much for your kindness. That was a very nice thing to do and I will certainly be telling others about Medialocks and your fine service. There are several of us at church that have a library of old cassettes that are not available on CD.

Have a blessed day,

- Kathryn R.


Have received the recent order. Thank you again for the promptness and a job well done! Also thanks again for the price break!


- Lucy B. Lifeline Ministries


I recently received my order of 3 cassettes converted to CD (invoice # 198621). I just wanted to say thank you for a super job! The CDs turned out much better than I expected. Two of the casettes were poor quality recordings to begin with, and one of them, I suspect, had been left on a car dashboard in the sun. Somehow you managed to get most of the "wave" out of it.

Thanks again.

- Frank H


Thanks very much, you folks did a great job on the cassette tapes..sounds like the originals..I'll be sending you a bunch more in the next week or so...

The Memories they hold are close to me...

Take care...and again, well done!!

- George L.


Thank you so much for taking the time to review the tapes. No, I don’t want them and really appreciate that you aren’t going to charge me. I promise to use your company and refer you whenever possible. If you had some business cards, I’d be happy to share them given the right opportunity.

Thank you again,

- Brenda B.


thanks! so excited!!! it has been a pleasure doing business with you.

- Sandra P..


I received my two LP-to-CD conversions yesterday, and just wanted to

let you know how much I'm enjoying them. They're Christmas records

from my childhood, found in my mother's house after she passed away,

and hearing them again surrounds me with memories of wonderful

Christmases past. Thank you so much for your excellent work and

prompt, professional service.

- Devon S.


Just wanted to send you a note that I received my converted VHS to DVD and you did a beautiful job, since this one was very special to me since it was my Mom's last year with us.

Thank you so much !!!!

- Helen M.

Just got my recent order - those old Christmas records of mine never sounded so good. Thanks for another teriffic job!

- John M.


I just got the CDs, and you did a fantastic job! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Angela P.


Deeeelighted with your work which was recd. yesterday.

I shall keep your website in the event we need further work done. Again,

thank you.

- Doris R.


They arrived on Monday and are wonderful! Wow, they sound so good. My children will be so surprised! Thank you for helping me make their Christmas extra special with such a great gift.


- Anne P.


Dear MediaLocks Staff:

My 90 year old dad received the CDs of old music that you copied from cassettes. He cannot be more happy with the finished product! Thanks so very much. He really believed all this music was lost forever and now he can’t wait to get it onto his iPod. In the meantime he is playing the CDs on his Bose and, in his words, “grooving”.

Do you provide the same service for videotape? If so, please let me know.

Again, thanks for doing a great job!

- Paula K.


Dear Jim (if i remember correctly),

I had to write to THANK YOU so very much for an unexpected Christmas gift. My name is Shawnda and your company converted some old tapes to CD; one of the tapes was too long for one CD. I did not have the money for the entire tape to be converted to 2 CDs and had settled for as much as you could get on one CD. I opened the package this morning (this was a Christmas gift from my parents) to find that you had recorded the entire thing and sent it to me. Your generosity brought tears to my eyes. I never expected such a wonderful gift from a stranger; it made my heart sing! I cannot thank you enough for restoring those songs, that music from so long ago to me. I pray that God will richly bless you and the company.

- Shawnda R.


I got the record and cd. Thanks for a Splendid Work of Transferring. More transfers coming.

I'll spread the good news about your company.Cheers to All.

- Protacio L.


Received our CDs and 8-track back just today. Out Triple-Standing!

8.5 out of a possible 10 far exceeded our fondest hopes!!! A brand new

and great sounding CD from a 45 year old 8-track tape ... terrific!

Thank you too for your honesty. No repair necessary to our cartridge.

We will surly be using that $8. credit soon. (have approx a hundred-plus

8-tracks around the house, not to mention cassettes and many old LPs.

Appreciate your very fine work, and, your exceptional service!!!


- Tom M.


We just wanted to take a moment to let you know how EXTREMELY pleased we are with the CD's we received yesterday of our cassette tapes to CD's transfer of beginner guitar lessons.

You went above and beyond on the transfer, and we appreciate the extra CD with no additional cost.

We listened to the tapes, and then to the CD's and we were highly impressed at the clarity and sound!

We will DEFINITELY refer you to everyone we know that needs this service, and will absolutely contact you again if we have a need!

Thank-you again for the promptness of the return and the extra's you gave us!



- Steven E and Barbara J


I cant tell you how grateful I am to all of you who fixed my tape. It is of my dad singing and playing with his group of friends a while back. My dad is no longer able to sing so too have this renewed and to hear his voice again brought tear of joy to my eyes I will be eternally grateful thank you so much.

- Lori H.

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