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Thank you James! received the 2 CDs yesterday. Played the first one in the Mustang without any negative feedback. We now have "our song" in both of our cars thanx to you.

Looking forward to doing more business with you and your company as well as sharing the news with all my other old 8-trackers at upcoming car shows.

Blessings on your day,

- Tom M.


Thank you for the excellent service! I got my cassette to CD in the mail yesterday and it sounds great, especially since it was recorded on a mini-tape recorder in 1988. Thank you again.

- Bronwen R.


I just want to say that I thought you did a terrific job. I fully appreciate how much work was involved.

Thank you again

- Jesse L.


Thank you!

The CDs arrived today. I knew in advance that the sound was bad because it was recorded more than 25 years ago with a little tape recorder in a school gym during a rare thunderstorm. That said, my wife is the soprano in the performance and we wanted to preserve it on CD knowing that the tape will someday tear or we may not have anything to play it on.

Thanks again!

- Jerry T.


I received the transcription to CD and started listening last night. They are excellent. The previous transcription from a tape that I had for years was miserable and I thought there was no hope, especially since this replacement tape you used was from a library. How you did it I do not know, but you did. I knew right away, for the opening scene has the characters on the ramparts with the sea crashing in the background, so if one can hear and understand the dialogue on the first scene, one knows all will be well. Thanks again,

- Al M.

PS: you are welcome to use this note as a testimonial.


CD's arrived - thank you so much. Your prompt reply is appreciated. I played one of the CDs and it sounded great. Thanks again. KG

Hey Guys - - This is your Philly connection getting back to you -You did a great job. can't thank you enough. I have other cassettes to be converted and cleaned of pops and background noises. will send them soon, thanks again.

- Louis S.


Thanks for transferring my cassettes to CD – sounds great – watch for more media coming your way – thanks again.

- Joe M.


I received my order yesterday . I have played the CD's, and they sound GREAT !! Should I decide to have more cassette tapes transferred to CD, I'll certainly know where to send them ! Thank You, James A. G.

Thank you so arrived and is terrific.



I got the CD that you made for me the other day-- thank you! I had given up ever being able to hear that version of Pachelbel's Canon without a record player. My record did have some needle noise, and the record was not separated into tracks, but your CD came out beautifully. I am probably wearing out Track 2 on the CD the same way that I wore out that part of the record, but it is so great to have that music again.

Great Job! Thanks.

- Linda K.


I received the order today. It arrived in perfect shape. Thank you.

- Leslie W.


Great job, as always! You really do phenomenal work! I only wish I had a larger order to send. I'll keep working on that!

- Gerrit L.


Received the CDs. Thank you for your service.

- Dave B.


Just received the Cassette that you transferred to A CD. It sounds really good. I will be sending you more.


- Ken G


Received the CD's yesterday. Thanks for a great job and prompt service!! I have had these tapes for a long time and never thought they could be brought back to life!!!

- Jerry C


Just needed to drop you an email about another terrific job on the recordings. Just a question. Do you transfer VCR home movies to DVD's? And if so what is your price?

thank you,

- Ron P


MediaLocks, I gave you one new Vinyl recording and two very old worn out ones. Your expertise turned them all into works of art in the CD format. We can't tell the difference. When, I presented my friend the Louie Prima Live at the Saraha CD, you'd have thought I gave him a thousand dollar bill! He had watched the show there often as a young man and told me about it many years ago. Thanks!! I'll keep hunting for the others I want converted to CD and bring them to you when I do. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone.

Thanks, again

- Chuck W.


Thanks for the great job you did on the transfer from cassette to CD

(Boston Subway Band)

My only regret is that I should have ordered more copies which I will do

shortly. Also for you to keep it in your files for future transfer. Will do it

with next order.

Thanks again....will send an order very soon. Shall I send the cassette

or the CD you made?

- Nick G.


The copies arrived .... I played them .... and continue to play them .....

THANK YOU for the BEAUTIFUL JOB you did for me ! ... brought back many, many fond memories ...


- Ron M.


This is to let you know I received my order of CD's on Monday. The talking sounds good on the CD's and it seems everything was transferred from the cassettes as I had hoped it would be.

Thank you so much for your services. You did good.

- Emadean F.


Thank you so much medialocks for the great job you have done for me. it was such a joy to hear my daddy play the guitar and sing from 42 years ago. i will highly recommend any business i can your way. this has brought a lot of happiness to me and my family. thank you so very much and god bless you in all ways.

- Marie s


Got the CD today titled "Old Time Favorites" and I am so impressed with the quality of the job done. Can I re-order duplicate copy (1 ea.) of this CD with "Track Separations" so I can easily locate the songs? if so,how much would it cost me to have this CD?


- Edgar P.


Thank you so much for your good and honest company. I am very satisfied with what you did to my tapes to cd's.


- Rose D.


I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the audio tapes you transferred to CDs. The end result far exceeded my expectations, thanks to the extra effort by James. They were tapes I recorded myself from various sources, not all good quality sound to begin with. Plus, I had never done this before and had no idea what I was doing. All I had hoped for was that you would just play them straight through and record onto CD's. I certainly didn't expect the great editing job. I will certainly recommend you in the future and plan to write a good web site review.

- Winford S.


I was very happy to find your service. A favorite cassette tape of mine was not available on itunes, and copies of the cd for sale on Amazon were either very expensive or from dubious sources. I just uploaded the new cd into my computer and downloaded it into my phone—just where I wanted it! I will certainly recommend your company to anyone else who needs such a music transfer.

- Mary Ann H.


Wanted you to know, the CD's sound great! Thanks for a job well done. I wll be contacting you in the future!

- Regina C.


Hey, Medialocks, I got my CD's yesterday, WOW great job, I am very impressed with the quality and sound, I have 9 more cassettes, so you see them soon. Thanks again.

- Steve L.

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