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I received the tape. "Great Job"!

Thanks a lot, Happy Holidays.

- Ed. T


DVD'S arrived. You did a fantastic job!!!!! Thank you so very much for your special expertise. The music you added along with the time frame is perfect. It adds so much to the pictures. You have been so very kind to do what you do to make people feel important. A check will be in the mail tomorrow (Monday). Unfortunately missed the Post Office yesterday. Again THANK YOU,

- June C.


Thank you for the CDs. They are fantastic and great. You do beautiful and fantastic work! I wish I knew of your company before I destroyed my other cassettes They got tangled-up and broke -off in my tape recorder. I really wish I knew of you before. It would have saved me much second-guessing and many regrets. These are the only cassettes I have left. I had more than 40+ years of music from jazz to c&w. Oh well, Thank You Very Much!

- Leigh I.


This is to Thank You for everything you have done for me! As said before, thank you for the beautiful work you do. Thank you for the wonderful memories!

- Lynn R.


Great job on the two LP>CD transfers! Thanks for a seamless transaction and your care in returning the original material.

- Stu F.


Received today all is well, thank you for your quality work and personal attention !

- Scott L.


I received my order & am very pleased with the CD's....I had some time to listen to them last evening & you did a great job on making the audio clearer than it was on the cassettes. So, thank-you for the great job that you did for me! The memories of loved ones voices will be treasured now & in the future! I will recommend MediaLocks to others that would be interested in your services. Sincerely,

- Gloria 


CDs have been received today. They sound just like they are supposed to. Again you did a great job. (You are welcome to make a copy of the CD if you want to).

Thanks One More Time.

- June C.



I just wanted you to know that I have received my CD's, and they play just perfectly . If I decide I wish to have another tape

transferred to CD, I'll certainly know who to contact again ! Your pleased Customer,

- James G.


Sorry I haven't had a chance to write back. I did receive my package and the DVDs came out great. Once again, thanks for an outstanding job!

- J on Eric T


Received my CD's today....many thanks for the fantastic job you did on the cassette conversion. My tape was 30 years old and the CD sounds like it was recorded yesterday. I'll certainly recommend you to all my friends. Thanks again,

- Herb


Thank you so much!! Perfection!! I’m so happy to have found your website. Perfect people to trust with my treasured cassettes. Thank you abundantly!!

- Karen M


Received my CD's and wanted to thank you for your service. It was prompt, courteous and professional. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in need of your services. Your website and accessibility is wonderful. If I ran a business, I would want to do it your way! Thank you for your service.

- Anita O.

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