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Those CDs arrived Friday and I flew over to Montana with them on Saturday and handed them out at the gathering for my old high school friends. The entire string instrument community of Missoula was there and the CDs were a huge hit.

Really appreciate your help on this project. Nice to have those old tapes in a more contemporary medium.

Thank you very much,

- Dave S.


Had to tell you what a great job you did on converting my 30 plus year old tape to CD.  Those tapes were of me playing the piano as a kid and are treasured by the family, but no one could listen to them since no one still had a tape player.  We are now enjoying them again - and they inspired me to start playing again!!  The sound quality was much better than expected - THANK YOU!!

- Dawn P.

ps - i'll be sending VHS tapes to be converted soon!!


Morning Medialocks, wanted to thank you for the great job you did on my records to CD. I will get the rest to you as soon as I can maybe in a few months or so I need to figure out the sides and cost again.

Anyway thank you so much,

- Shannon M.


Hi, wanted to let you know I received my 45s and cds, thank you so much!! Great job, I have some LPS I need done, but it will be a while, I will keep in touch, enjoy your week and thanks again,

- Gail M.


Hi James, I received my new CD's and like every time before, I am completely satisfied with them . Great service !! Sincerely,

- James  G


Right now making individual safety copies.

Very very pleased, Thanks

- Phil S.


You made my torn up ancient cassette tapes sound like a releasable commercial CD.

I’ll continue to praise your company on my Facebook .

- Eileen P.


I got the cassettes and 6 cd's in the mail today. They play perfectly.I have another one I'm going to send as soon as I can. It may be later next week before I get the jpg photo and am able to mail you the cassette.

Thanks again for such a quick turn around and for such a perfect reproduction of these almost 40 year old cassettes. It amazes me that these things have held up so well. Yay for that.

Take care,

- Teresa P.


Hello! I just received and listened to the CD you made for me. Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!! I am more than thrilled. Thank you so very much.

I have 2 CD's and now that I know for sure what was on the original cassette tape, is it possible to order 2 more?

I think I read that you keep the files for 4-6  weeks. Please advise. Thank you for you time and assistance, Sincerely

Linda P


The additional CD's have arrived and I just wanted to thank you so very much.

Blessings to you,

- Jeanine L.


Thanks so much for all your help in transferring these cassettes to digital format. I know it means a lot to their family members to hear these men speaking. Willa wrote me and said she listed to the cd and went to bed that night "hoping to have sweet dreams." awwww

I will be sending you some more in the near future.

Thanks again,

- Teresa P


Got the CDs. They are great!! Very good quality. Amazing, actually.

Thank you!!

- Jacob Y.


In reality, I was stunned. I sent a broken tape to you that was almost 44 years old, and a week or so later I received a package with a repaired tape, and 2 CDs with clear, edited, perfect "2 year old voices" of my now middle aged son's. The tape was one of the ways I communicated from CA to my mom in PA in 1975. I rattled on and on about things that now seem painfully inconsequential, and wondered how satisfactory it would be to have a CD that I would need to hunt to find the parts I treasured. You did that for me. Thank you for this wonderful is such a profound treasure to me! And when James called one day to clarify a detail, I was incredulous! In an era when everything is so impersonal with little regard for the customer, that personal touch was impressive. Keep up the good work! Satisfied customers like me are your best advertisement!

Thank you, again.

- Beth B


Played my recent CD order this past weekend. Another fantastic job. Thank you

John M

Received my CDs and they are great. While camping in Pismo Beach over the Veterans Day holiday, my family listened to all 3 and enjoyed them! Happy memories.

Thank you for the attention you gave to our memories.

- Linda P


Just wanting you to know how superfragilistically wonderful my new discs are.  I now also have them on my iPhone and have listened non stop.  Thank you so very, very much for beautiful music that I was missing.

- Nancy M.


Dear James,

I received the CD'S on family history and am so pleased at the results.  Thank you so much! I really appreciate your willingness to help me and the fine work on the CD'S.  I will definitely refer my friends to your service.

Thank you again.

- Phyllis B.


I received the CDs (and returned tapes) today. Highly impressed with everything: the professional labeling of the CDs, superb audio quality (seems you minimized hiss noise from the tapes/otherwise improved audio over the original), great communication and website, secure packaging and prompt service. Regards,

- Jeff


Hi James:

We're now enjoying "Stop, Look, and Listen"   thanks to your ingenuity and expertise.  We greatly appreciate what you have done, and for the extra CD.  

We would encourage others, if they are looking to preserve old memorabilia, look no further. They are timely, congenial, professional and genuine, qualities not often found in today's world. We will be definitely be using their service again.

Thanks so much

- Mary K


Just want to tell you that I am very impressed with what you did converting my 1987 Hooked on Swing "tape of a tape" to CD. I'll be sending in more shortly. Thanks so much. Great job.

- Barbara S.


Thank you for a wonderful and professional final set of CDs. You far exceeded what I had expected. I will contract you when I have other projects in the future! –

- Jarome


The music came out excellent from what I have played so far. will spread the word and consider further order at a later time.

- Gary D.


I received my order today in great condition. The CDs are perfect. Thanks so much.

- Pauline H.


I just can’t tell you how impressed I am with your business. Makes me wish I hadn’t taken so long to get this started. From beginning to end you guys have been wonderful. The CDs sound great. I had a couple of CDs copied before and it was such a bad experience… Your professionalism from beginning to end… in your website, copying, packaging and delivery of the goods has been so impressive. And your customer service is above and beyond. The businesses today with your kind of quality are very few, unfortunately. Thank you again, this is one very satisfied customer.

- Rosa W.


My CD’s arrived today. I am so pleased. As a teacher, I wanted to convert all of my old tapes. The children will be thrilled to use these with my new CD players. Thanks so much.

- Shirlee R.

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