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I received two CDs and my cassette tapes this afternoon. The CDs are wonderful! I appreciate so much for your hard work because you had spent more time on my cassette tapes.

About 5 years ago, you made 12 CDs from cassette tapes for me, all the CDs are my treasure, I love them so....much!

Take care and thanks again,

- Lucia W : )


Thank you for your prompt and professional service on my cassette-CD order. We enjoyed listening to my daughters when they were little. It brought back may happy memories for us and embarrassing ones for my daughters. lol

I wish you all the best and hope you make it out to see your daughter in Ohio. I am bringing one of the CD's on my trip to Dayton next week to see my daughter.

Thanks again.......glad I found you!

- Frank F


Just a note to say the parcel arrived and everything is, of course, fab.  As always, thanks very much. 

- Brian B.


Just received my DVD. I'm more than happy. You did a terrific

job. Very professional from start to finish.

Thank you so much,

- Robert L.


Thanks for the great job you did on my tape to DVD!  They look fantastic and love all you did with them.

So with that, I see you do Hi-8 conversions, can you also do Super 8?

I have to take apart the basement but I know there are bunch of Super (and so Hi) 8 tapes.  I figured I would confirm before starting the digging!

- Michael S


Listened to the CD MediaLocks just sent and the sound is wonderful.  Wondered how you knew to separate the Brahms Requiem into 7 separate tracks since I only gave you the total length of the piece.  Don't expect the ones without DAT tape to sound as great but should be an improvement.

Anyway, thanks.

- David D.


Received the box of CDs you converted for me from cassette tapes.  Absolutely wonderful!!  Loved listening to my dad’s voice singing especially.  Do you still have “masters” or whatever you call them that you could make me 3 CD copies of?  I would love to have 3 more of the CD’s of” Bob Reid/Jim Reid 1986 Singing” sent to me.  Is this possible without me having to return the CD to you to copy?

 If so, please let me know the price and I can re-give you my charge card info in case you don’t still have it.

 Thank you in advance.  Fingers crossed!

- Natalie, A.


Thanks for the quick turnaround of the audio transfers and for the extra work you did to make my cassettes to cd's even better than I had hoped.


- Stephanie P


Thank you so much for your extra time and effort you took for my CD. I really appreciate it. Thank you! Thank you!

- Enith B.


I received my CD today! Thanks so much.

- Patti U.


Thank you Medialocks.  The CDs sound better than expected and my family is very happy!!

- Tammy T.


I have received my order and the CDs are perfect! Thank you so much for your timely and courteous response to my order. Your work has preserved my family's recordings from 1965 and 1982 for our future generations. I appreciate that you found I had sent a duplicate CD and saved me money by not making a duplicate copy. You completed my order and I received it back within 11 days of mailing it. Your service is extraordinary. Thank you so much! I would love to leave feedback and recommendations for you somewhere. Please let me know where it may help your business most. Feel free to use my comments on your website!

- Barbara P.


I received the CD you made from my cassette.  I played it and it was wonderful.  It was just a goofy tape from my brother-in-law from the Navy in 1970 but it has much sentimental value.  Thank you for your helping with this gift for him.

 You have just gained a new customer.  I will definitely be telling my friends about your business.  And I will have other projects for you in the future.

 Thank you and have a wonderful holiday season.

- Janet S


We received the Wedding Tape yesterday and for a tape that was recorded before great technological advances that enhanced recording activities, it turned out great. We recovered the tape that had been placed in storage and in our garage loft for more than 15 years and I know that the tape was subject to heat and cold over that time. After we found the tape, my wife wanted to play it, but I figured that we should not run the risk and see about getting it to a CD. I am so glad we did!

   Yes, there are some things in the recovered CD that are too loud or too hard to hear…but we were able to listen to and relive that Day that will live in Infamy for as long as we live. The fact that you recognized the issues right away, notified us of what can be done to make it better, and then do it and get it to us before the anniversary party was superb. We appreciated your quick service and expertise. I am sure your work will be appreciated again by our anniversary celebrants, and of course, us. I think I may have a few other things that we may be sending you in the future because of the way you handle your business.


- Howard & Cheryl S.


Thank you, Thank you so much for your reply & answer to my question.  As an older - much older adult - I have a difficult time with technical "doings"   You are the first to help me online or otherwise.   I will be placing an order very soon.

- Lucy T.


   Thank you indeed very, very much for this work you folks have done for me. Received late this afternoon, had to attend a meeting and couldn't wait to get back home to find out how it sounded. It is magnificent! You need to give yourselves a medal! The tone was superior, far better than the original when I could still access it. And no background noise, static, or whoosh. I couldn't be happier and now can listen to it over and over whenever I wish. And no, you did not need to make me an extra copy, but you have blessed me with it and so what can one say but, again, my deepest, grateful thanks. If I ever hear of anyone wishing for this service, you may be sure I will recommend you with exuberance....

- Maribel T.


I received the CDs this afternoon. Thank you very much for your hard work!

Chinese New Year is coming, wish you and your family "All the Best" in the coming year of "dog".

- Lucia W.


Got that great stuff you do, have checked out some of one of them great as always. Will be sending you another order out hopefully tomorrow , and again thank you for the cool work you do on them.

- Phil J.


Maribel here thanking you ever so much for this magnificent work you did for me in copying the Jewish Priest blessing. I am enjoying it immensely and cannot imagine how you managed to achieve this so skillfully and so well.

My grateful thanks to you.

- Maribel T.


Just wanted to take time and thank you so much for the cassette and cd’s.

My husband and sons were so thrilled and in awe since that cassette is over 25 years old.

I was so emotional listening to it again.

Thank you again you have touched my families heart and bought back so

many memories.

- Thank you, JANIE S


Great job on the old 78' set will be a birthday present for my older sister who could be heard on the 1947 disc, along with my grandfather, Dad and Mom

thanks again

- Jim L


Thanks for getting the cds done. My mom is now enjoying them!

- Melisa B


Thanks for recovering my band's music. Lots of memories from 46 years ago! You work miracles.

- Dave S.


Gentlemen : I just wanted you to know that I have received my CD's , and they play wonderfully . If I decide I need any more tapes to CD transfers, I'll certainly be back in touch with you !

Your Satisfied Customer,

- James A. G


- Thanks, MediaLocks for the CD.  It arrived today along with the record.  We appreciate your good work.  Nice to have it so we can hear it.  Thank you very much.

 Iliamna W

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