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Video Tape to DVD
Each Video Tape to DVD - $39.95
(Any video tape up to 2 hours in length)

Shorter length tapes combined - $25.00
(shorter tapes are 25% less when added to a DVD)

Return shipping (required):
Media Mail (up to 20 tapes) - $7.95

(faster return shipping)
Priority Mail (1-4 tapes) $19.95
Priority Mail (5-10 tapes) $24.95
Priority Mail (11-20 tapes) $29.95

(Additional DVD Options)

Duplicate DVD Copies - $9.95
  This is an addition to your first original DVD. If any one tape requires more than 1 original DVD to complete (a tape over 2 hours), a "Double DVD" or "Triple DVD" set would be created. Cost is per each DVD disc. Duplicate DVDs are identical in quality to the your original first DVD.

Standard Chapters - $10.00
  With this option, we add a chapter point every 10 minutes over the entire video. This gives you the ability to navigate anywhere on your DVD, forward or backwards, by 10 minute increments using your DVD player's function buttons.

Custom Chapters - $8.00 each
  With this option, we create a chapter point at your exact determined point in the video. We can add as many chapters as you'd like, we just need a detailed timeline in minutes and seconds where each chapter should be. 

Custom Photo Added to Case - $10.00
  You can choose the insert that is already in the case, or use your own custom photo. $10.00 per each photo added (not included with duplicates). A photo can be emailed to us, or photographs sent with your tapes. This option also includes a standard "Hollywood" style DVD case.

Add a USB Flash Drive that contains all video files? - $10.00 per tape
(+ $25.00 for one initial usb drive)
  This is a GREAT choice to have your videos safely and permanently backed-up in a digital format. Unless otherwise requested, we create .MP4 files onto a USB flash drive.
   .mp4 files are not only perfect for permanent storage, but also work great for any future editing (a very common, industry standard file).

Pricing example one: 1 video tape X $10.00 = $10.00, plus one $25.00 drive = $35.00
Pricing example two: 2 video tapes X $10.00 = $20.00, plus one $25.00 drive = $45.00
Pricing example three: 3 video tapes X $10.00 = $30.00, plus one $25.00 drive = $55.00

Additional USB flash drive - $25.00
  Any additional USB Drive will contain the exact same files as the original.
This is in addition to your first drive.

Permanent Archive Storage - $9.95 each DVD Created
  With this option, we will keep an extra copy of your DVDs permanently in our studio. This service has 2 distinct benefits:
(1) You will always have your video tape backed up in a 2nd location with us.
(2) If you ever need extra DVDs made, no need to send a DVD back to us for duplication... just email or call us, and we will send more out to you. We also store the labeling information!

Note: Any DVD(s) stored with us always belong to you. If you ever want them back, simply pay for return shipping.

Media Mail Return Shipping $7.95

(faster return shipping)

Priority Mail (1-4 tapes) $19.95
Priority Mail (5-10 tapes) $24.95
Priority Mail (11-20 tapes) $29.95

(faster return shipping)
Priority Mail (1-4 tapes) $19.95
Priority Mail (5-10 tapes) $24.95
Priority Mail (11-20 tapes) $2.95


Video Tape to USB/Flash Drive

One USB/Flash Drive - $25.00


Each Video Tape to Digital - $35.00

All tapes will be included on this one USB drive. If more than one USB Drive is required, it will be included with your order at no extra cost.

(Additional Digital Options)

Additional file types added - $10.00

  Unless otherwise arranged, we will always create industry standard MP4 files onto your USB drive. MP4 files are the best choice to use with smart phones, tablets, and other portable devices, as well as editing, online and storage.

 *If specifically requested we can also add the following formats (.wmv, .mpg2, .mkv, and m2ts)

Additional USB Flash Drive - $25.00

  This is in addition to your first drive.
Any additional USB Drives will contain the exact same files as the original.
   Please note: While we will include (at no extra charge)  multiple drives if necessary to complete your initial "Video Tape to USB Drive" order, there is the possibility more than one USB drive may be needed for any "Extra Duplicate" sets of files (an additional cost).

   Typically however, unless you are sending more than 10 tapes, your tape files should fit onto a single USB Drive. If for any reason your video tapes will need more than one drive for an extra set of files... we will confirm with you before proceeding.

Video Tapes to DVD and Digital
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